Yayasan Terengganu: Being Left And Lucky

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I am feeling being left again. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I felt this way but for sure it is the same feeling all over again. The feeling when people started to leave you, head for their destination while you don’t even know where or how to begin with. All you have is emptiness filling the big hole in your heart. On the day my friends began their new journey in life at UM, I was rushing from kemaman to kuala Terengganu with my mum on a bus. Last Thursday I called yayasan Terengganu to keep updates with the information whether they already sent out the letters to inform about the interview and stuff and the answer I got was totally unexpected and it freaked the hell out of me.

We have already sent all the letters for those candidates long time ago and I afraid today is the last day of the interview. We invited few outside professors to conduct the interview and their last schedule was this afternoon.

..(speechless)..is that mean..i didn’t get to be interviewed?

So the lady on the phone asked me what did I got for my SPM result and what kind of program did I applied for and I told her the truth. I was hoping to be in A-level program but I was not qualified enough to apply for it(they wanted a solid 8A+ for the A level program, damn I should have one more A+) so whats left for me to apply was for program berkembar(twinning program) and I did.

She apologized to me and said maybe its not my “rezeki” to be there and stuff and I was still speechless to death when my mum took over the phone and raged, when my mum was raging, you’ll think 1000 times before you want to make a mess with her. I was disappointed and no longer interested to hear the conversation so I left.

I used to rejection.” I told myself over and over again.

Then a few minutes later when I was about to let the thing off my mind my phone rang again and it was the call from YT! I answered and guess what the shocking news, I was told to come at Yayasan Terengganu Headquarter and get ready for the IQ test! I don't have any ideas on how my mum did it.(forgot to tell you there were 2 stage here in yt scholarship, the first one was an IQ test and then you would go for the group interview)

what time should I be there?

You can come at anytime on that day.

A little weird there. At any time? Maybe it made sense, I was the last one so maybe they were being a little bit loose here. Is there an interview for me? I didn’t think so because the professors were going home by the time I reached there. So yea, when Sunday came I was preparing my stuff before I went to YTHQ while my others friends were busy making another new history in their life at UM, including my piano friend. Took a bus at 8 with my mum besides me and we went straight away to Kuala Terengganu and reached by 11.30 a.m.

It was kinda big building, the headquarter. And by the time we set our foot in the Sponsorship Department there were hundreds of people in there, in that tiny room, and I couldn’t agree more it was packed like a sardine can, people were so crowded that I didn’t even have the chance to ask the people at the counter. Big decision time, my mum broke into staff room and informed them about me and looked what did we got.

Why did you come so late I thought you rejected the offer, the last interview session was at 12.00.”they said.

To make things easy they were not so happy to see us coming late but they were totally forgot the one who said “any time” was them, not me or my mother. I was rushed to do my iq test and 2 essays and wait to be interviewed. It supposed to be a group interview of four but there was not enough people as we only have 2, me and 1 more friend I barely knew. I was about to start my essay and that lady called me to get ready for interview.

I am not gonna talk about the interview, cause I am tired of writing this and I want to end the story quick. Done with the interview I continued with my essays and that was it. There were pretty much more to tell about it, but it just..just sucks..i cant write too long cause it freaking hurt my eyes. Better stop now.

Mr. Leftover.

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    anonymous_an assalamualaikum..nk tanya, esei yg tlis utk yyasan trg tu pasal ap?terima kasih..

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