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yesterday was a "FUNN" day for sure!!..
my family n i went to the beach (actually juz 100m away from my house..(^_^)..)
i finally was able to swim again in "MY SEA" i repeated!!
"MY SEA!!"
after 3 weeks being prisoned in mrsm Qtan..
owww..i missed sea so much..
i miss ur RAGING WAVE which iz strong enough to pushed me from d middle of d sea straight to the shore again!!
i miss ur STRONG WINDS!!
these were some of d photos about our family precious moments..

its me and my dad..he sure smiled a lot ya noe..

the wind is blowing strong..it iz freezing us to death!!

this iz my sister..she juz returned home last week after a long long journey..
this iz how my beach look like if ya wanna noe..


don ask me..i dunno y on earth i was jumping on that time..

its the "freezing like hell" me..

its free style..the sea iz urs..u do wateva u wanna do here..

i m waiting my cousins now..
i hope they r coming soon..
so together we can ROCK D SEA AGAIN!!
come guys..come quick..
dont let me die on boredomness!!
see ya later..

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the crap..my crap..(^_^)

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its me..trapped in my own mind..

i m in d middle of no where..
i dunno wat to do..
i dont think i wanna studycoz d exam iz over..
i dont think playing games would make it either..
i juz dont hav d mood 2 play games rite now..
its feels so empty..
from d inside..
its iz so quiet here..hey..i juz noticed sumtin..
where iz my mum n dad?my sister??
urghhh..they gone 2 sleep already..
y iz everyone sleep so early today??..
i dunno y but i feel it iz a waste of time u sleep very early..
ya noe wat..u could do A LOT OF GUD N FUN THINGS instead of sleeping..
u can watch movies, read books, play cards, play carrom, listen to new song n many2 more!!
but d problem here iz..
i juz dont understand y i don hav d mood 2 do all that stuff..
it feel like..

example of strange creatures in my mind..

sumtin..maybe some strange creature are crawling into my heart
slowly eatin my soul..
till no i hav no more soul in d body n i feel
i could move i wont..
i could shout but i wont either..
sumtimes in life that i feel useless..
u r like the ZOMBIE!!
yes..the ZOMBIE!!..thats the most perfect word to describe it..!!
but ofcos i m not dead..thats make it different between me n d zombie..
i think wat make me feel that way iz bcoz..
i play resident evil too much..

if ya guys wanna noe..this iz d real "leon"..

i gotto stop playing that games coz now i m writting crap bout zombie..
zombie r really not that bad actually...
they eat ppl juz bcoz they wanna stay alive..thats all...
juz like d tigers..lion n so on..they kill others to sustain life..
SERIOUSLY..i m starting to write crap now..
better stop it..


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"green exhibition"

last month faizal, aqeel, jo, me n the gurls(jaynab,ogy,sofia,ainin) went to some exhibition at KLCC if i m not mistaken..
they called it "gREEn ExHibition"..
we went there by van and ckgu Meor n Tcher Sha were assigned to accompany us thorugh out d programme..
ya noe wat..
the green exhibition looked exactly like d science fair..
there were booth..crowd of ppl..
but ofcos their project were much more complicated..
it took hours for us to visit every booth n once we were done..
from 2pm until 4pm..
we spent our time in KLCC..



"say cheese!!"

me n jo..between mirror..

it was cool!!
we get to noe each other better..
we arrived at mrsm qtan bout 8.00 pm..
straight to the dorms!!
(^_^)thats the end of it..


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i never expect that i will be in my old school again...
i mean..i thought d ppl would said sumtin like this to mee...
"u r not from this school anymore.
go away..u got no bussiness here.."
but last sunday i WAS in my old school...
and i came down there purposely to meet my old frns..
bout 9.30 am,i walked into d school compound n straight to main hall...
FYI, there was "majlis penyampaian anugerah"in d hall on that time..
so parents were invited..
ya noe wat...
i was wearing simple brown t-shirt n brown slack with brown croc..
and i felt..very weird..dunno why...
the students stared at me differently..
i saw my teachers outside the hall..
they still remembered me and we had a little conversation..
then she invited me into d hall
"masuklah lokman..nie ade krusi lebih nie.."
she was pointing toward a chair in D MIDDLE OF THE CROWD..
it was an empty chair ofcos..n  no one was sitting there...
i refused..
then Ann saw me..she came to me n say hi..
n i saw SLR camera that she was holding..
ya noe wat..sumting juz blown into my mind..i was thinking..
i said,"ann, pinjam camera jap..aq nk jd cameraman harini"..
so she gave me d camera n i began to take pictures of those students..
i walked slowly to the front of the stages n photographed the excel students when they received d prizes..
sharyn,low pei heng,eswaren,fazi n many2 more..

Last day schooling??or last day working??

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it iz friday..
and its d last day of schooling..
everybody went home today..
i woke up early this morning..
packed my stuff..cleaned up d room..
it was about 8'o clock in d morning n i still didnt take my shower yet..
the assembly was going 2 start at 8.15 am..
i thought i was free on that particular moments n suddenly aqeel came to my room..
n told me that d tcher want me to give her d "markah kebersihan" for those classes n she want it BEFORE THE ASSEMBLY START!!!
i rushed to the bathroom n hav my "3 minute shower" then straight away to myb locker..
put on d baju batik n RUN TO THE CLASS!!
i got a few minutes left be4 the assembly starts n ya noe wat...there were about 28 class in d maktab n i HAVE TO CHECK EVERY SINGLE OF THEM!!
only god noes how fast i ran from class to class on that moments..
my body iz sweating..n i hate it..it iz d last day of schooling n i shud laughing n chatting with my friends instead of running LIKE HELL AROUND THOSE CLASSES!!
its hard..i admit..wat can i do..thats my job n i need 2 do it no matter wat happened..
i was lucky..
the assembly started late n i was able to finished my task..
thanx god..