Are Creature Called "Homework" Relevant For People Like Us?

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Hello guys. Its me again.
Today i looked at my homework and said, “OMG!!..there are thousand of it..and i haven’t start any!!”
Ya noe wat, the pass few days were heaven, i played all along, hang out with friends, play online games with my bestfriend almost every night and a lot more...eventhough there are few problems need to be settled on..but was still heaven afterall..

God...why can’t You keep me that way for a longer time..i need to be back to school this Monday..and i haven’t start my homework yet...
But today i don’t want to share about my troubles, instead..i want to express my personal thought on a creature..called “homework”..

are this creature relevant for us?”..
this is what i am going to share with you..
Look carefully..when we first meet this creature “homework”, what the first thing will come to your mind? If you are not a nerdy typo and still have your senses well, you probably answer it like this.

And why is that? because we had so much to do then suddenly this creature comes get in the way. But, If we think carefully, what are the creature here for? Maybe some will said, “its all because the teachers, ya noe...teachers..they loved to create mess in our life so that we wont live happily..and if you don’t finish your homework they ‘ll punish you.”

Are they true? Its up to you but if you ask me..ermm..i think the teachers are not actually that bad, they just don’t want us to spend the whole time playing and forgot the things we learnt in the creature called “homework” is here for us for some good reasons..

Homework------->to make sure we don’t forgot what we learnt in the passed days..(main MISSION)

BUT the problem is we didn’t finish them and tend to COPY others homework so we are not punished by  the teachers..
So homework is finished but the MAIN MISSION of this creature are not fulfilled as when we are copying, I DONT THINK ANY PERSON WILL ABSORB OR LEARN ANYTHING FROM IT because the only things in their mind on that particular moments are,”i just gotto finish it or else....”.

Homework----->when you didn’t do them-----> mission of this creature failed
Homework----->when u finished them by copying----->mission of this creature still failed

So the question here is, either you did or you didn’t do this creature, the mission will remain fail. So why the teacher keep on giving us this creature if they knew the creature always turn up fail? Did they notice about this thing? Or they still hoping that there are still some of us who did the homework without copying?
One thing for sure, MAJORITY of us copy our homework. I could tell.

Are homework relevant for us?
You’ll think yourself.

By a boy who learn the real meaning of life,

Girl and Boy story Part 2.

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“I got another surprised today, a big surprised.
That someone replied. OMG. I didn’t expect that.”

Hello guys, i am just gonna write some more about girl and boy story part 2 here..
Why am i doing it? I don’t know myself..
I just felt that..somehow i just need to finish the story i started..
So it won’t be hanging like an incomplete essay without no conclusion..

The girl was shock to find out that the boy wants her back!
Because before this..the girl just heard the rumours about it from her friends..
Ya know, rumours sometimes can be true and sometimes it just goes wrong..
And most of the time rumours always end up false so the girl didn’t believe it that moment..
But now...she did believed.

Boy: you know me better than anyone else!
Girl: yes i do, you are not the type that love to chase the girl. I do aware that.
Boy: good! So what do want me to do to get your heart back?
Girl: i am not asking you to chase me all the way up here, or trying so hard to make me fall in love with you again. All i want is to be close friends with you again.

Sharing life story together, laugh, fight, happy and sad just like the old time. We need to best friend, truly best friend first before we can be lovers again.

I am not saying that we cannot be together again or i don’t love you. And i am not saying that i love you either. I might still keep you in my heart or the other way around.

I am not going to say anything about it. Let me alone keep my feeling until when the time is right...and that time will be when we already really close again. I’ll tell you myself.

Btw  why are you so mad with me?

Boy: i am mad at you because u seemed to respond my actions towards you but suddenly, i heard the rumours saying at the same time you are liking another boy, which is not me. If you don’t like me then never respond to my actions!

Girl: i respond your actions because i want to give you chance. A chance that if we can be together again. So use the chance wisely! But you have to know that my respond doesn’t mean that i still love you or the other way around. Like i said before, you will never know my feeling until when the time is right. Its okay for me to know that you still love me. Don’t worry, i will support your actions each time i give the chance. I WANT TO GIVE YOU CHANCE. I WANT TO.

And about the rumours, i want to ask you something. You heard the rumours from your friends right? How come you believed it so easy? The rumours sometimes can be true or false. Eventhough if it was your dearest friend that told you about the rumours, then try asking your dearest friend where did he or she got the information from? I never state, claimed, or said that i like another boy. So how on earth your dearest friend knew about this. Its only me know my heart best. You don’t need to worry too much about the rumours.

If you are in my shoes, what do you feel when everyone suddenly talk about you saying that you are liking somebody else but the fact is, you don’t. I don’t have the power to stop the rumours. Really, i don’t have the power to stop people’s mouth. Be strong and try not to believe rumours easily.

Boy: .........

Girl: and yeah, i want to apologize if my previous actions made you sad or uneasy. I didn’t mean to. I never thought to you will be reading this in the first place but still...
i am sorry...

And one more thing, I can’t deny the fact that sometimes i do hope that we could be like the old days..:)

Friends------>close friends------>dearest friends------>???(i ‘ll tell when the time is right)

For now, work on your chance...if you want to.., and don’t worry about the fact that i knew your feelings, i am a very open minded person. I ‘ll make sure each chance i give you will come with my support and don’t easily trust rumours.
*the story shall be continue..i guess..
taken from here

Girl and Boy story

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Hey. Its me again.
Finally home with all the happiness i brought from “the exam free” season and suddenly i read a blog just now. A friends of mine actually. When i read heart crushed into pieces again. Why the human heart was made to be so, so soft, and fragile, until even a scratch can totally destroyed it. It is the most sensitive part of the human organ which i believed onced it was damaged, it took long time to heal and when they healed...we could see the scar on big or how deep the scar was depend on how great they were damaged.
When i first read it..I thought it was meant for someone else but deep down in my mind i just got the feeling was actually for me...i don’t know if it was actually meant for someone else but..yea...i think it was for me...i don’t know what i had done so wrong till i could be in such a situation.  

Let me share you a story..that i think very interesting..

One day..a girl and a boy become a team in dancing competition and represent their school.
They practised so many times, where they spent a lot of time together..
They had jokes, fight, laugh, sad  all together.
The time made them closer like a brother and a sister.
The bond grew stronger everyday and
Suddenly the girl fell for the boy and she hid her feeling until
One day, she confessed to the boy.
“Girl: i like you more than anyone else, i like you more than a brother for me.”
The girl ran to the darkness as soon she confessed to the boy with the nervous feeling if the boy would feel the same for her.
Then the boy appeared in the darkness.
“Boy: actually, i like you too.”
Soon after that, they lived happily together and won the dancing competition.
The girl was awarded the best dancer and the boy felt happy for her success.
They managed to go to national level for the dancing competition.
They practised again. Each day brought its own memory.

The girl took a good care of the boy and they were both happy.
At the time of the competition, they managed to get the second place in the tournament.
When it came to a school holiday, just before the boy would returned to his home.
The girl whispered to the boy’s ear and said..
“Girl: i love you. Good bye sweet heart. Take care.”
Boy listen to the words and said nothing..
but straight away to the bus to get home.
On the same day, when the girl missed the boy so much that she sent so many messages on the boy’s phone asking..
girl text message:
“Are you there?”
“Are you home yet?”
But there was no reply from the boy and that made the girl worried if anything bad happened to him.
The girl kept on texting the boy for the next three days although none of them were replied back.
The girl wondered if she had done anything wrong to the boy that the boy didn’t want to reply her messages.
The girl never give up and kept on texting to find answers and finally
The girl found out that the boy purposely did not reply her messages and lied to her by saying his phone was damaged.
The next thing she found out was that..
The boy purposely didn’t reply the girl’s messages because he wanted to know if he really would be missing the girl for the 3 days if he didn’t reply the girl’s messages.
The boy was confused whether he love the girl as his lover..or just only love her as normal sister.
The 3 days when the boy began his “experiment” were like hell for the girl. She could not sleep. Could not eat. Could not smiled when none of her messages replied.
When the girl found out all this she quickly asked the boy...
“Girl: do you love me like a lover..or do you love me like a normal sister?”
The boy hesitated and refused to answer but the girl kept on demanding as she could suffer any longer.
It was too hard for the girl after she was being “experimentized” by the boy.
The n the boy finally answered..
“Boy: i think...i just love you like a normal sister..for me..”
Thats where the relationship end and the girl ‘s heart was broken,
Broken, and broken,
And broken again that it felt like thousands and millions of needles strucked into her hearts.
The pain was unbearable that the girl could not love anyone else after that.
She afraid of the pain, the same pain that she would feel if she finds another love.
And if the boy suddenly have feeling toward her again.
She must made sure that the boy really loved her this time, love her more than just a normal sister..
So that the girl wont be fooled again..
So her heart wont be broken again..
The girl said it was not impossible for her to accept the boy back..
But the boy should truly love the girl this time.

the story is taken from here.

*the next part of the story is still remained uknown yet..