The Music Go Alive Again

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I have never been more interested to music than now. Never pop up in mind that someday I will be holding a guitar or piano, playing the instruments alone in my room trying to feel the music itself. And till today, still, I don’t own any guitar or piano just yet but I am planning to. And all the credits should go to this one friend of mine, lets just called this friend, hmmm, “Sunny” and it’s a girl.

I knew being able to play any of musical instruments, for example guitar, violin or whatever it is will be considered as SUPER COOL but the thought just disappear sometimes. I watched one man played piano on the stage of my school performing in front of hundreds of students and I admitted I couldn’t agree more, its super awesome I could tell ya that. Even it was me, a standing boy by the side of hall, melted for the GUY when he played it can you believed that! I wondered how the girls were feeling at that particular time. The man with music somehow has its own aura, a special aura that lived when a soul combine with the heart of the music, he could attract many people to come around and listened to his music. THAT IS TOTALLY COOL.

But soon after that, soon after the performance was over, I slowly forget about the aura thing and all I do care about music is having a good songs in my mp3, dance song, love song, maher zain, kpop and everything. But when I became friends with Sunny she was like, bringing back the aura things to me and it is now stuck right in my mind that I think I will never forget about it anymore. Or even if I will it would take years to totally forget about it. She kept on giving me the messages that music is just not about listening to songs which have unique melody but the making of it, to produce the music ourselves, from our tiny fingers and yea it is something.

She went to piano class so she did tell me a little bit about what she learnt and stuff like that and I was very interested to know about it. Step by step she brought me a little closer to music, from videos of man playing piano that she gave to me I finally see music in a new perspective that I never know before. It is cool. Seriously. And now when I have nothing to do I got this idea of, “Why don’t I try to play piano online? so far I don’t have a real piano yet so why not?”. So yea I am currently playing piano online and I am practicing the yiruma kiss the rain song! So thanks to Sunny for exposing me for something new.

A Man Who Started To Love Music

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