When JPJ Test Turned Disaster

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Its time to write and thanks to my friend for bringing this up so that I have the idea to write something in this blog. lets straight to the point, a few days ago I went to the jpj test for bike and yea..they said I must be there by 7.45 in the morning to enroll all that stuff.( I know its freaking early right?! Damn it)

Guys, this was my first mistake that you must never do in life if you’re a first timer for JPJ test, why did I said that? When you are coming for your JPJ test for the first time, literally means that you are not doing a retest for JPJ, so in this case they actually prioritizing the one who are doing the retest first instead of you but if you are insisting on coming early then its up to you. But let me finish my story so I went there quite early, did as what they told me, which later then it become one of my biggest stupid mistake in life.

Its still early, and I just saw a few people like 8 or 10 person queuing up to enroll at the front counter so I get into the line, quite proud of myself for setting my foot here early.LOL! So in my mind I was thinking “this going to be fast” and smiled alone and when it came to my turn to enroll I handed them my IC and lessen L. In turn I received my number and forgod sake its 52! I came here to be the top 10 person now I got 52! And that’s why u shouldn’t come early if your first timer and YOU KNOW WHY, COZ THEY GOTTA THE FREAKING LIST NAME AND YOU COULNDT CHANGE IT. If you get an early number then its your total luck but in most cases you don’t! if you get 60 then it will be 60 no matter you come there early or not!

Ouh. Ouh. Another one fun thing you guys must know is that my number which was 52 and try to guess what time will it be for my showtime. Come on guys you know the math. Okay fine! I ll just tell you the answer. Came at 7.45 in the moning, and exactly at 12.15 in the afternoon, finally they called my name. Nervous? You are asking me whether I am nervous? Hmmmm.well hate to admit it I did felt a little nervous when I first showed up at the place but you know what the best thing about this, it eventually gone because 4 HOUR and 30 MINUTES of waiting totally killed it.

I get on the bike and I all I could think was, I would gonna end this, once and for all, it was burning like hell now, my shirt was all wet, I just gotta end this quick. So I rode the bike through all the lap, making the hand signals and everything then boom! Done! Went to check my result and Boom! I FAILED THE THIRD PART? How did it happen, I think I followed  all the rule, always be on the left side of the road but why? I looked the at the result paper and tried to see which things I failed to do so?

1. Gagal memberi isyarat.
“what?! I think I just did as what I learnt. Okay. Maybe I slipped somewhere and just not realized it.

2. Gagal memandu di bahagian kiri jalan
“the hell?!i was very becareful about this. Seriously this couldn’t be accepted.

3 Melanggar benteng jalan
“this is making me soooo maddd are you blind or something. I am the one who ride the bike and so far I noticed I hit nothing!”*seriously guys. I really mad at the jpj. How could he accuse me for something I didnt do.

If there were only 2 mistakes I would have pass that JPJ test. But as you can see, there are 3. To my “best JPJ” I wish you could drop that black glasses of yours that you think you would looked much cooler and see WITH YOUR OWN BARE EYES NEXT TIME. Maybe I wasn’t lucky that day but if the same things happen to everybody else after me or before me, God know what else would happen to you. God please give your guidance to this man.

this is not the man.

For your information readers, when I looked at the list about ten people before and after me, they all failed at the same thing, the third part, when I asked them which one did they do wrong, its just almost the same case like mine.

Failed Boy.

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