The Dream: Sovereignians.

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I have a very weird dream today. Actually I dreamt a lot of things lately, from tsunami, flying in the air, being in a jungle and so many other weird but yet interesting dream! I like to dream! Its like taking me into another whole new world! Something you never see and experience but only in dreams. New faces, new places.
But sometimes there are few same characters in the dreams for example my friends, my family and stuff. Of course I am the hero of my dream and I always show up in every episodes most of the time, only in certain case where I was missing, totally lost in the dream and it was like I was just watching a movie of my mind. And sometimes I just show up from nowhere as another person! Dreams are great. Its like a test on how far your mind could go when you sleep.

People often said that when we are dreaming, our soul actually steps out from our body and travel to somewhere else. And that somewhere else might be a different world. Maybe you can see ghost, aliens and whatever freak creature in the universe, who knows?. I don’t know if the fact is true or not but sometimes it makes sense. But who cares anyway! As long as I have a good dream just take me where you want!

Today I dreamt about sovereign. It was a long dream and of course there were many events taken place in the dream but as usual, once you woke up you will remember nothing. But today I woke up from my bed AND I DID REMEMBER ONE PART OF THE DREAM!(in some situations I could remember the whole things but it was rare)
I remember that I was in a crowd of people, sovereignians I guess, and there was ainin!Sorry to put you into this dude but I certainly remember you. She was standing in front of me and handed me a cd, looked like the one the school gave to me.

And poooft another second I was at my home. I don’t know how or why I was just there. I checked the cd and yea,if it was in real life the cd should contain all the pictures of sovereignians. But in my dream the cd didn’t have all those pictures.

It has something else. It was a video and theres like each of the class have their own videos and it was compiled into one. They looked very happy and yea. there was a song!there was a song..but I just couldn’t remember it. Then the video came to a part where all my classmates were there. I saw everyone of them. We were like chasing each other, playing hide and seek. It was so happy and I was there. For sure.

Is this a sign that I miss my friends? I don’t now. Maybe I do.

A Dreamer.

Hate my glasses.

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Its been a long time that since I stopped blogging.
Now I m back peoplehh!fuhhhh.(eventho it was like just one week maybe.lets just say it “very long”.XDD)
My brother went back to his college today and
I am still stuck here with desktop.
And you know what. I HATE WEARIING GLASSES!
Especially when I was playing the computer. I got a very wide screen and yeah..sure the image was going to be much clearer ofcourse but HELL I SEE NOTHING without my glass. I cant even read the words without it. Hell I can if I put my eyes like 2 inches from the screen then its gonna be fine. But who the hell gonna do that for 3 hours non-stop.
The problem is when I wear my glass for sometimes, my eyeballs hurt. So I need to take them off for like, 30 minutes maybe so my eyeballs can take a rest. And I hate it when my eyeballs hurt at the exact time when I start writing!
Urgghhh. I wish I had eaten so many carrots so my eyes can get better.
Lucky enough I don’t have to wear my glasses if in real life.
Just gonna used it for long distance view.

Short-sighted boy

SPM Results: The Guilty Cop

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You will now whats this picture got to do with my story once you read this.

Its too much for me to eat ALL of it at one time. I am a normal human being and I do sucks sometimes. Maybe most of the times. I don’t know. But the thing is its completely normal to feel down just like what my friend told me. Well, we can be DOWN for a moment if that’s make us feel better by telling people about our problems and stuff but being DOWN too long is not good. You need to get your ass out of there man.

I got the SPM result and its not like what i have been dreaming so far. Its not really that bad but still, the mission is incomplete. I was grateful to God for giving me an excellent results but. Theres a ‘but’ there. I did admitted that I want more than just that. I am not being greedy but this one thing is very important to me. If I was about to be an engineer the least I could do secured my future is by getting my physic an “A+”. But it didn’t turned out to be that way. Instead I got “A+” for my chemistry.

What should I tell them when they asked me during the interview.

“You want to be a mechanical engineer but the result you show me means nothing of it. Can you explained that?”

This one mad question had been haunting my mind since I held the slip in my hand. Or should I just change my course. Naah. I love engineering. And most of all I love to create things. Sometimes I do wish that my chemistry somehow doing some private deal with physics about exchanging their result. It could be better but no way in Hell it would happen.

From this day on. I need to live knowing the fact that I am not qualified to be a good engineer, for my self. Maybe some people would say that its okay and they will understand about this and besides, its not so bad to get A for physics, its still a good result. But for me, I had failed. I should be taking my physics more seriously. Its like you were a cop you know. You were going on a mission to rescue some hostages which one them is THE PRESIDENT. So there you were, full suit with high tech weapons in the arm just like in the game counter strike. You were struggling with your friends and finally spot the hostages. You saved all of them and brought them to safety but you checked them. You were missing somebody. How possibly on earth you forgot to save THE PRESIDENT. Even though I saved a lot of lifes, I was to be blame on why I left the president behind and the whole world gonna see as nothing and yet a failure. A complete failure.

Lets stop bragging about this and get into the real thing. I should be finding scholarship for now. That’s my new mission and I couldn’t failed this one. Not again. Not this time. I am coming for you Mr. president.

Written from,
Guilty cop.

The Rider In Rain.

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If  I could describe this day in two words. I think its gonna “bad day”.
Okay now here the part where my story begin.
I went to work today and it was like 4.45 pm or something. I didn’t remember the exact time cause I was in such a hurry.
I picked my sweater, watch, ,mask, bottle of water, and finally my glasses.
Got the key to my bike and I was riding out of my compound. I looked at the sky hrough my big glasses and it seemed like the rain gonna fall again.

its blurring and i couldnt see a thing. just like this one.

I knew the rain was gonna fall again. Thast why I asked mum where did I put my raincoats just before I left.
The sky was so white. Mum said when the sky was too white there will be along rain.
Unending rain. Like the days before this it had been raining quite a lot and its freezing like hell in here.
Coldness made you feel sleepy and slow.
Just like what we learnt in the physic when an object became colder, it losed its energy and the atoms would collide less and the movements became slower.
Just like this day where everything slowed down, icluding the time.
But one thing for sure seemed to be faster.
The traffic.

In a situation where everything SHOULD be slower but the cars and bikes are getting faster like hell. So there I was. Riding my bike in a heavy rain that’s just blocked my view.
I couldn’t see the road clearly and if there were holes on the road I bet I ll be flying on the air by the time but I was lucky. Lucky enough not to get into the holes.
But I wasn’t lucky enough to avoid from hitting the broken glass on the road.
It was scattered. I couldn’t see it at first but I did noticed something like green color on the road. But I ignored it.


Even if I could avoid it, it will be a much worst ending. Death.
There were so many cars behind me passing through
the same road and the same direction as I was.
Even if a slightest inch I tried to turn a little bit to the right just to avoid th broken glass on the road.
I afraid I might ended up into pieces. So I crashed it hard and I found later on my handling of the bike suddenly became unstable.
I knew something was wrong. I stopped at the nearby petrol station to check my bike.

The front tire was punctured. I started looking around for a workshop and thanks god there was one. Just opposite of the petrol station.
I dragged my bike and before I crossed the road.
I watched the time it was like 5.30 pm. I am late to work and my boss called me.
I explained to him what happened and he understood.
I look at the right and left to make sure it was safe enough for me to cross the roads but I wasn’t stand a chance.

This particular time where all sort of people were running on their way home, the cars were endless. I didn’t know how long but it was very long.
Finally the road was cleared and I crossed it safely.
It was a Chinese workshop and I told them whats the problem and they knew what to got to do.
They changed the tube and it costed like ten ringgits and finally I managed to get to work.

Writen from,
The Rider In Rain

*This was actually happening yesterday. Its one late post.

The Run

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Okayyy. Lets start writing something. Whatever I have in minds. Hmmm. Let me think about it. About the SPM result! Yeah! Everyone was talking about it.
So whats about it?

Damnn! I don’t know!It just gonna come out this 21st they said. True or not, later or sooner it will come out, FOR REAL. Okay this is bored. I got nothing to say about this.

Ohyea..I remembered something! Okay let me tell you this new hobby of mine.
I watched forest gump movie last night and it reminded me that life is like a race.(waits..this is not forest gump. This is what Prof. Virus said! Damn it. Who cares anyway).

You just keep on running and never stop. Run as fast as you could to wherever your heart desire. I called that the freedom of mind. Okay here one fun fact about running or jogging at my place. There is this sort of culture where the village people, (I am currently living somewhere in the suburb you know, very “village” style which is so different if compared to the city life. They even still got a complete wooden house here with all the goats, and the cows were everywhere on the road. To be very simple you just have to imagine that this place is like somewhere in 1990’s or something. But ofcourse they also got rich people living here with the big houses.)

Okay back to the story. I didn’t know why but every morning when I jogged to the beach from my house, the people who were going to work with bikes, or cars always stared at me like I was somehow a serial killer. I didn’t murder anybody if you asked me. I was just going for a jog and whats so weird about that? Shorts pants, simple t-shirts, with my blue crocs, I started to run to the beach every morning. Oh don’t be surprised because I didn’t wear sports shoes. Its mainly because I was running along the beach, or in other words running on the soft sand, you know beach sand so if you were wearing some shoes, you might have to deal with the problem of getting your shoes filled with A LOT of sand. That’s why I wore crocs because its so much easier and lighter. By the time I reached the beach I ll take the crocs off and let my feet bare.

these were my crocs.

i sat on the ground.

Its about 200 metre only before I got into the beach area so once I arrived, Boom! There was no more suspicious eyes will follow me. I was all alone at the beach early in the morning. So I ran ran ran ran again till I got tired and finally I sat on the sand and waited the sun to rise. Its beautiful. And sometimes when I saw to much of the sun I lied down to ground looking at the beautiful sky. I always lied down every time I took the stop. I didn’t care if the sand climbed up to my shirt, or my hair. The peace that I had paid everything. I could see the white clouds floating happily in the sky, they were like waving to me. Sometimes, they made the shape of  people, animals, train, car, whatever they wanted to be.

just like this one.

There where I made friends with the clouds. They were speechless most of time and its always me who did the talk. They talked. Like seriously they talked. But not quite often. Sometimes at the evening they make a sound like “whooooo..oo..fhhhhhh”. I like my new friends. I thought they were very cool and you know why. I lied down on the sand like the other day and I finally thought of something.

The clouds, or my friends, they were the citizen OF THE WORLD and they need no passport to get in any countries. They must have traveled so far and experienced a lot of thing. Floating up there made them have the chances to observe us. Maybe they had been to china!or japan! Or America! That’s why they were so cool.

Today I ran again. But it was raining heavily. It didn’t stop me from running. I didn’t care if people said I was mad. I just wanna run. Because I am a free runner. I free my mind.

Free runner