Rebirth: Dont Ask Me Why

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hello people.

Okayyy its gonna be one short post because its already midnight and the bed is crying for me. But wait. How long had i abandoned this blog??I think its already been months since i have post nothing!dah berhabuk dah. I don’t even know if there is still, someone reading this but well. I don’t write for people thats the important thing. i write for myself so that i can CRAPP all day long.
LOL.i feel so free right here.  Well lets flash back for what happened in the previous months of my life. Okay i was in the college, preparing for my finals, it was sucks, and i went through the finals for 2 weeks which felt 2 years in that place and what else?did i missed anything?i hope not. Well there are not much to tell really except that IB PROGRAMME IS SO FREAKING HARD DUDE!!

uggghh. sometimes i did regret getting in there because all the “busyness” ,”time constraints”, “cas”, “lab reports”, “IA” and all that stuff troubling my life.( if you do not know any of this means,please, we welcome you here in IB programme at KMB to experience yourself).
*i can feel the power of crapping gradually increase as i write this. Okay back to my story!suka betul kacau.ish ish. Where was i? Ouh okayyy ib programme. Whenever i felt regret being in that place i reminded myself about what i once said long time ago.

“how do you define great life?”
“well. I think great life is..when you have a journey about contributing to human society, be someone useful to the people, a journey full of memories towards your goal which is not going to be very easy because as you walk along that path, difficulties will find you. In other words, life is no fun when there is no troubles. So lets find troubles to make history!Challenge accepted!”

Well thats the thing i used to said to myself. Now thanks to God i have that “difficult life” i always wanted. So yeah, lets rock the ib world!its just gonna be 2 years. I believe something fun will come out of this soon.


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