Mara Interview (PILN) 2012 Experience

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I think the pill I swallowed just now stuck in my throat. Damn!it makes me feel uncomfortable. Till I write this the pill is still there. I already ate few pieces of bread to take it down but it seemed like they missed it. Its still there. Even the water cant help much. Damn I need to get some more bread, or something bigger, maybe one medium ball of rice will do. Wait here.

*going to the kitchen to take some rice.

Okay I just ate one medium size ball of rice. But you know what. Screw this! Even though I did compacted the rice so it shaped more a like a ball so it would be much harder and not easily broke when I swallowed it later on. I think I just chewed it too much that the hard ball of rice turned back to only ‘rice’. Damn it. Lets just wait for a few more minutes then.

Okay what I wanna tell you guys tonight is that, things turned out to be better for the pass few days. I mean, thanks a lot to everyone who prayed to God that I would have the opportunity to go to mara interview because I really did. I really appreciated it guys, thanks a lot. At least I am a little bit relieved now. Mara did called me for an interview last 13th may at Mrsm Kuala Terengganu so yea. I believed it went well even though there were a few slightly mistakes happened here and there during the interview but overall I think they were just fine.

Now I feel like sharing my interview experience. Because if I hold this too long, i might not have the same mood to write about this again. So let it be now. Before the interview day, I did some research about how the Mara interview was like there were many version of it! Some said they need to build some bridge made of spaghetti, some said there will be one on one interview, some said they would give you a situation and you have to deal with it, so much story of this mystery of mara interview. Well luckily 13th may is not the first day when mara decided to begin their hunt. So with the help from my friends who went to the interview 2 days earlier than me, I finally got the picture of it, the picture on how it would be on the interview day.

But still, I did some other preparation as well considered that IF mara suddenly changed its style so I might have think about that. Luckily they didn’t. They stick to its style, which was, you were given a task or situation, discuss within your group, get the final decision and done. That’s all so guys out there who will be going to the mara interview this year or the next, you really don’t have to freak out. Ouh not to forget, there will some questioning session after the group discussion but not to everybody, it depends.

So my group was given this task:

(I cant remember the exact sentences to describe it, but I am pretty sure it went just like this)

you are the only doctor on call. Totally alone. And then suddenly there were 2 patients came to you that require immediate treatment. One is young, smart college kid who lost his father, so he is the one who taking care of his family  and the other one is and old business man who contributed a lot to the country, which on would you give treatment first?

Something like that. Ouh forget to mention that my group consist of 8 people, 1 girl 7 boys, we had to form 2 group and each one must represent either the old man or the young boy. So I was in the old man group. Guys, the moment you walked into the interview room, the only thing you will leave outside is your heart, and this literally means that your entering the room heartless. Only your body will get into the room Why did I said that? Because you will be freaking nervous like hell that your heart beat so fast that that it would ran away from you, leaving you in the room with only you body and mind.XDD

Okay back to the story. So I was reading the question and before I could finished reading it the opposition already start firing their bullet like hell. So I didn’t finish reading it and began to counter attack!it was tensed! Its hard to defend this old man because he was old, and there so many weakness in him that the opposition could talk about. Luckily I did prepared some points but its not enough. They kept on saying the young man would have so much potential in life, and he could contribute more to the country and bla bla bla.

Our only stand is the old man have a lot of experience that if he if die, it would be a great loss to the country so my teammates and I kept on playing on the point with different version. I started to give crap metaphor (because forgod sake I didn’t have much ideas that time) like “there were two plants, one was still young ,just beginning to grow up, and the other one was a tall plant, with a strong base, if you would be given a choice to save one of them, which one do you prefer?” which mean that the future of young plant is uncertain, it might be destroyed when heavy storm or rain hits it, so why did we need to save something you are not sure of? I knew this point have so many weakness but yet, not much choices I have that time.

So we were like debating for 30 minutes, I gave my points they give theirs and when the time up, no final decision was made yet. So in the end I took a step back and end up betraying my own teammates, sorry guys, but we need a decision that time so if no one would cut loose, we aint gonna move. So yea, in the end I ended up pointing my own machine gun to my teammates. Then we moved on.

The panels started to ask questions and mostly they were targeting those who didn’t have much chance to speak during the discussion. The questions was like, “Do you think you’re a leader within that discussion just now?”. Another 2 or 3 questions and we were all done. The interview was over and its time to ask some killing questions to them. (I really like this session because there were so many things I don’t know about mara so here’s my shot!XDD).

1. How do you evaluate us through the discussion? I have been in a lot of interviews before and mostly they did one on one interview where they gonna dig all information about us, wanna know how passionate or whether you truly deserve the scholarship. What kind of qualities you are looking at?
(seriously guys my question is much more simpler than this, this one is over exaggerated)

So the one of the panel hit me back, “You think?”

I smiled. Ofcourse there was more of that story after that but I am now too lazy too write. Well, always half finished. But who cares, its my blog.XDD. really sorry guys because I really am tired writing this. Till the next time arios amigos!

Choked interview candidate

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