A post before raya!

Posted by leon7zack On Sunday, August 28, 2011 0 comments

Hey! Long time no write..hahaha..the past few days had been really fun for me!

1.      I had my first berbuka with my family..i could eat as much as i can! No need to que!!..and no need to fight with each other for water..!!ya noe wat..i just finally find a heaven..hahaha..

2.           My brother had came back!lolz..he sure had a lot of good movies with him..

 3.      And the latest thing was..i went fishing with my dad n i caught a fish!weeeehuuuuuuu!lolz..

this is the fish i was talking about!what a FISH!it is a BIG a fish!hahahaha

And not to forget, tomorrow i will be going back KL to celebrate RAYA there!!wooohooo..i am going to meet my lovely causins again..noordin,tipi,kak min,kak nor and all of THEM!
Wait for me people!

But at the same time..tomorrow will be the last day of fasting..lolz..even though i hate being starving but i feel  sad as the ramadhan will leave us soon..well..its the cycle of life right? maybe if the god love me HE will give me another chance to meet the next ramadhan!

Bye2 ramadhan..sob..sob..lolz..but the best part is..i CAN EAT AGAIN!ALL THE TIME!
I think thats all for now..i got a date to attend!
Will write again soon!