Unsecured And Failure

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Now I can finally start writing again. Why didn’t I write before? Hahaha. Maybe because I just don’t feel the need to and I don’t have anything to write about(lying, you always have something to crap, you don’t need ‘something’ because you always have ‘a thing’ to say so just admit you are lazy bump ass lokman!) and plus, recently my writing mood just flew away and now its coming back to me. So today at facebook people are talking about the upu thing. Um has finally sent its offer to the qualified people and the sad thing is I didn’t apply for UM in upu choice.

Well, I don’t know why but I didn’t apply. Maybe on that particular time there is no “asasi kejuruteraan mekanikal” choice for UM so I didn’t click it. And now I found out that most people who got  the offer choose “asasi sains fizikal” if I am not mistaken for their option and still, they could take a degree in mechanical engineering! How couldn’t I noticed that before!

Asasi kejuruteraan mekanikal--> degree in mechanical engineering
Asasi sains fizikal                  --> degree in mechanichal engineering

WTH! I didn’t know that!

Well I hate to feel unsecure. The scholarship didn’t give a call and the only options left for me are MARA, UPU, and matriks.

MARA is coming out tomorrow and please!i am praying to God please let me pass to the interview.

Upu?well still no offer so far.

Matriks? I don’t know. People said even though your genius like hell and score 5.0. you ‘ll have problems with the courses offered. But it seems like my parents are saying ‘yes’ for this matriks. Well, maybe I should give a try…or maybe I just..wait for the upu thing first.


My ‘rocketplane’ didn’t fly today. It has been so much trial after trial but still it ended up flying back to the ground. The first rocketplane I made a week before was a failure. A little bit wrong with the strings cause the sticks to break into half.

That’s why I made rocketplane2 with more precise calculation and with better strings. But in the end the result was just the same. Its not the wind fault or the string this. What the hell was wrong with my rocketplane 2?! Pheww..hard to say..it kept on rotating in the air when I fly him out. Balancing? I weighed it and yeah it was balanced.

Perhaps it was the surface area. Maybe it was insufficient to put a great pressure on it so it could fly straight to sky.

And now my dad and I are making rocketplane3. It is 3 times bigger than the previous one and I hope this one will fly!

unsecured rocketplane fighter

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