G.oo.d L.uc.k

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A happy reunion today! Although some of sovereignians were not there but still, atleast I have the time to see few of my friends, for the last time. There is no more school events for us now. Today was the last and I hope there will be another chance for me to see you guys, maybe in the next 5 years or..10 years who know right? You know why, cause thanx to God I am not DEAD yet so I assume that I will still have the opportunity to see you guys.again. Lets hope so.

Didn’t take any pictures for today. Guess I was too excited back then. And for my friend who got to attend the telekom educamp tomorrow! Best of luck boy! I know you can do it. Just be yourself because people like you the way you are. I told you the tips right, so be prepared, and yeah, just rock the camp will ya!

Man I am tired.

Man who is tired.

Fly RocketPlane! Fly!

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It must be pretty damn bored if I am writing this. What else I got to do rather than this right, if I was at my cousin’s house ouh I am sure theres a lot of thing to crushed on. Especially the HON. Damn I missed that game, even though I wasn’t a pro. But still, to be a pro you first must step into the ‘noobies’ phase. Just finished rewatching how I met your mother. It never fail to make me laugh. So guys out there who never watch HIMYM, here I want to promote this dramas, as one of the most FUNNIEST drama I ever seen in my life. Guyys guys its so off the topic right now. But you know what, who cares, its my blog.XDD

Okay let me set things straight, I was standing alone in my home compound in the evening trying to figure out things and suddenly a strong, continuous wind blew into my face. Suddenly I remembered at evening like this I used to play badminton with my brother, when he came home ofcourse and the wind kept troubling the game. And sometimes we get annoyed easily when we were just about to start the badminton game and suddenly the wind blew, and when we stopped playing the game forgod sake its stop! So I was thinking about this and finally came with something.

what kind of games that require wind to play it through?

*lightbulb showed up!
its ‘the rocketplane’!

What I meant by ‘rocket plane’ is this.

Guys guys guys I knew you are surely think my ‘rocketplane’ should not be called that way but this one is totally amazing and I wanna named ‘rocketplane’ so just…just go with it okayy.

So to make a ‘rocketplane’, these are some of the stuff that you need to be close with, or otherwise you’ll end up going to pick somethings, then sit again, and 2 seconds later your up picking things again, that will kill the mood, seriously.

This was because I didn’t have the sticks. So I need to find that dead leaves and cut some sticks out of it so guys if you have the sticks it WOULD BE MUCH EASIER.

I cut the leaves and took some sticks out of it with that. Just please remember don’t KILL anyone. And kid, if you are underage, please don’t try this at home.

Yes this was very important. A cellophane tape! I didn’t have the smaller one. So I just gotto do with what I have right. Ouh dont forget the newspaper!

A pencil box!pens and scissors. We are gonna need to cut somethings later on.

So that’s the stick I made. Phewww, good job Mr engineer!

The next step is to do that.

And that,

Okay I have no more pictures but I am pretty sure you guys can figure it out yourself.(actually I am tired of writing this that’s why I need a fast end.XDD)

So lastly it would be like this one!tadaaaa!Today I fly it up. That will be in another post about what happen next to my ‘rocketplane’.thats all from now.=)


‘Rocketplane’ engineer.

How Mara Freak The Hell Out Of Me.

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One of the sickest day ever. Not physically but mentally. Its always make me feel safe by having the thought that somehow if I don’t secure any of the private scholarship, mara is always by my side to back me up. But today mara was like, running away from me. You guys knew that I was in kl for a few weeks and in that particular weeks mara also had opened its application so boom, Thousands of people from all over Malaysia began their run, including me.

What made me a little bit different from the others was that, I was not at home when I applied for mara. When I said I was not at home it literally mean that I didn’t bring any of important documents, because documents should be kept at home, you didt carry around your sijil kelahiran everywhere you go didn’t you? To be surprise. I did brought my important documents. Ya know I had to attend the tnb education camp so in case if they need any of these, I ll be prepared, so I did brought them.

So what  the hell is your problem with mara if you bring everything?

That’s the problem. I didn’t bring EVERYTHING. Mara in its application form required my mum and dad’s sijil kelahiran so I didn’t have them. I NEVER THOUGHT THEY GONNA NEED MY MUM AND DAD’S SIJIL KELAHIRAN. I just brought mine. This is the first scholarship application that need something like this. What they want,that’s I wanna give. But I just came home yesterday and today I call mara to inform my situation. Oh forgot to tell that I just sent my application form by hand yesterday.WITHOUT THAT 2 DOCUMENTS.

So one guy from mara told me that my application may be rejected because it was not completed and that freak the hell out of me. How can I send them right away before the dateline which is tomorrow? Thats the first question I asked him. He told me to fax them but still, he said he couldn’t guarantee that the documents would be attached back to my application form because there were thousands of them and ofcourse they didn’t to waste their time just to look for mine in the huge mountain pile of application forms.

 So yea I was freak out. If mara don’t offer me I got nobody else. Guys if you were reading this. Please pray for me that mara will accept my fax and attached them back where they should be. ALLAH please help me.

Somebody who pray to GOD so that miracle could happen.

My Crap: TNB Education Camp #Part1

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Hello guys! I am back! When I say “I am back”, it literally means I am home. Its been like 2 or 3 weeks I have been in KL for some reasons. Wait let me do the math, okay I went to KL exactly on 5th april and today is 23rd so..(thinking and continue to think…naah I just need to get my calculator.XDD). It was 18 days!wow..thats long enough to kill the time.

Okay lets start with the question, “eh kenapa kau lama sangat kau duduk KL nih?kau tade keje eh.” Okay guys I know that there will be no one reading this post because its like talking to my self so I didn’t give a damn about what I want to say here (when I say “guys”, it means me, I, myself, lokman, L, and all the other stuff of me.XDD.its crap right.i know)

So yeah lets start the story. I went to tnb education camp at uniten kajang which started on 6th of april and 8.00 pagi dh kene daftar(so freaking early man) so I need to get there a day earlier. Stop by joe’s house and stayed there for one night before her mum sent me to uniten the next day. Btw thanx a lot joe your mum and dad rock!seriously. I like them a lot. We didn’t do much activities together because it was late when I reached his house but still, we have movienight in joe’s room. (and he had a guitar which was superawesome!). So the next time I knew I was already at the educamp.

Enrolling times. There were like hundreds of them waiting in the hall, queing up for room keys and all that boring stuff. Everyone seemed like “extremely” want to make friends with everyone as 1 second later you’ll find a guy extending his hands for a shake. And the most common typical sentence they used, “(nama diaorg), kau? Ak asal dari _______.”, nice one. I played along with it. No harm right. Its just making friends. Who care if you were Chinese, or Indians or Siamese, or you frequently prefer to use English in your conversation, I ll go talk and made friend. No big deal. So yeah we were all in this big hall, playing kiddos game like dancing, and running. All that stuff, just to break the ice I think.

Then it came to the real thing. We were divided into 4 big group, (is it 4?i didn’t remember.weee.XDD). they were mechanical engineering which happen to be my group, also the most happening and the coolest group in the camp.XDD, err..power group, and…accountant group maybe? I seriously couldn’t remember but there are few groups. My group consist of 18 people, we got Chinese, Indians, malays, and all boys. That actually made our group the coolest.XDD.

present to YOU. team B group.named "bombastic".

Why suddenly I felt so lazy to write about this thing. Maybe because theres too much to tell and I am too lazy to write. Damn it. Well. Lets see if I wanna talk more about it later on. For the time being let just conclude that it was a great fun camp and I have the coolest group ever.=)

Boring boy who no longer can play HON.