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Today, I couldn’t sleep in the evening like I used to. My daily routine is when I finish my luch you will found me lying on the bed the next 5 minutes. People said, no its not the people, the facts said when we eat carbohydrate in a large amount(especially rice), we tend to get slow and sleepy. From Biology form 5 textbook I think. Or maybe form 4 but you know what, who cares as long as the fact is proven.

ouh i am FREAKINGLY love friend rice!XDD

So I used this theory to get me sleep faster in the evening. I took a bout 2 plates of rice during my lunch every single day and I considered that is “really huge” amount of carbohydrates in its contents so yea, when my stomach full, I crawled to my bed, took my sleeping drug(my sleeping drug is book, stared at it for 10 minutes, later on its going to be the book who “read” me) and get ready to go to the dream world.

just like this one.

But today the theory didn’t worked on me. I couldn’t sleep in the evening, I was reading a book to get me sleepy but it just didn’t work. I even almost finished the book and yet I am still awake. Still in the real world and not the dream world.

And finally I knew the reason why. My heart and mind couldn’t stop thinking about MARA result. Instead I got my UPU result today. Lucky enough I got my first choice in the my list, asasi kjuruteraan at uitm. That’s made me relieve a little bit.

And till the time I am writing this, I am still waiting for the result from mara. They said it would come out today but it seemed like zaty was right, maybe mara has its own “timezone” which is totally different to our time here in Malaysia.LOL!

Please don’t be mad if the post is all mashup..because I don’t even know what am I typing right here. I don’t even know what its all about. Just another expression of my feelings right now. Confused. Unsecured. God knows what else.

evening sleeper

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