A Call From A Friend: A Real Friend

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When i was packing my things for tomorow. My phone rang and the name "aizat" appearded on the screen. I was wondering why and how the guy could call me because as far as i concerned, phones are only allowed during the weekends for those PLKNians. And today is tuesday so it did made some question mark in my mind. I took the call and there he was. Even though with a slightly different voice i recognized that man.

He said he was the "ketua kawad" for his team and need to give all the instructions and that explained why he had such a voice. Soon he said to me that he just heard the song that we used to sing together long time ago and triggered him to call me. I was touched. He said he missed the old times when we were at the school and even almost cried listening to the song. We did so many memorable things together and he did mentioned about the prank we did to zaini till that guy freaked out like hell and even spat on my face once. I mean, how could that guy remembered so much even though he have such tougher day in PLKN compared to me who sits and did nothing at home. The guy remembered everything.

I dont know how to say this but listening to his voice made me realize how colourful our life at school. Deep down i know he appreciated me as his friend and so do i. I have a lot of best buddies, like syuk, zaini, zaidi, and many more and we kept contact about each other till today. Or maybe i have more sweet memories with my other besties like zaini, we went so much together and syuk, we stole the food from ds and cooked in cooked in the middle of the night and zaidi, his belongings were dissapeared on his birthday and that were very awesome. i love you very much people but that guy. I havent talk to him so long and today..there he was..never change..not a bit..the point is..i felt being appreciated by a friend tonight and i want to do the same to him.

Lately there were many uneasy things going on in my life and it appeared like the people i used to call as friends started to hate me. I dont know what the hell have i done to them but thanks to this guy. He gave me a positive look about what a real friends was.

A real friend..is someone who never let us down, laughed at our so not funny jokes and willingly to listen and gave the best solutions for us and we shall do the same thing to them, to the people whos their heart were tagged with 2 simple words, "real friend". I might not be his best friend but i dont care. As long theres the word "friend". I ll stick around.

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"Is there any rooms available for today?(customer)".."urrgghh...sorry(me)?"

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Okayh readers!boys or girls..or whoever it is.
I am ready!
Ready for what? Ready to CRAP ofcourse..about my job story which now had been a history.
Been watching How I met Your mother lately. They sure funny guys and I loved the way they expressed their jokes.
*affirmatoohtly*hahaha. Marshal did said that and it made me laughed like thousand times.

I like you very much marshal.hahaha.

Okayh back to the main topic. I told you guys I was back home by this time because my mum wanted me to work somewhere much closer to the house so I could take care of her. Thanks to mum she find me a job..in ONE STAR HOTEL near the town.

Yea..more like this one. Just a little bit smaller.


The nightmare finally began. Whos the hell is the first thing you would see when you walked into a hotel? A RECEPTIONIST to e exact! you know someone who stand at the front counter and when people came by they often asked this kind of question.
"is there any room available for now?"

Yes. Thats me.

Thats NOT SO ME.

To be frank, I hate that question and I hate being a receptionist. Mum thought that I would love an easy and more relaxing job like this one so I could spend the time readings, playing games or whatever it took to do my things.

And yeahhh. It is a relaxing job after all and it was SO RELAX TILL YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO! Besides looking at the time ofcourse i got nothing to do. Sorry I was wrong. There are somethings to do actually. Very tiny tiny things that would only took a few minutes to get it done like filling the water bottles, said thanks when people leave their keys as they want to go out, and lastly checked the room when people checked out. so what? these are like..30 minutes..??.. what about the rest of 7 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES???

Maybe some will said to me like this when they found out about my job.

"seronoklah dapat kerja macam tuu. Relax je...tak payah nak keluar peluh semua macam org lain yg kerja dekat kfc ke..Mcd ke.."

You sure want this kind of job?hahaha..then go and have IT! NO ONE STOPPING YOU AND PLEASE REPLACED ME. You are most welcome. Easier said than done. I tried so hard to figure what I could do to kill the time and yea..I read books..playing games with my phone..read newspaper..drawing some cartoons..and what else..THATS JUST NOT ENOUGHHH!

Being at the front counter surrounded with 1.5 metre tall of table made of solid stone sure make me felt like I was in a prison. I may not phisically prisoned but my mind was!
The only things what made me and the real prisoner different were that..I was provided with a lot of things..I got pens..paper..calculator..books..receipts..and for the prisoners..they have none.


And yea one more thing about "the differences". I dont see any different between "pak cik gad" and me!! We both wait and do nothing. I meant most of the time. What made me luckier than "pak cik gad" was. I could sit. and they cant.maybe some of them can. but who cares?this post is about me and not them.

Watching the clock ticked from one second to another sure a terible suffering that i had. everydays at the workplace i always dreamt that the time would passed quickly that i could go back home..safe and secured..and after one week of working.

THATS IT. I quit.
There are so many jobs out there and i dont want to be the another clone of "pakcik gad". now I am at home. enjoying all the moments with fun.

But thats doesnt mean I am gonna stop looking for other jobs. I am not a quiters.

Hotel Receptionist

Sorry, I fired myself boss.

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Wait. I tell you later about it. I want to crap first.

Its the crapping time. I haven’t crap for long. So let me stress out all the things that swinging in my minds. Do you realize when you are writing about yourself or what you have done before. ITS MUCH MORE EASIER than you have to write about something else. Its like everything flow out from your brain spontaneously. I called this technique , CRAPPING. Crapping is good, for me. I don’t know if its good for you but yeah, it works on me.

Especially at night like this when i am bored. Crapping sure kill the time. And to be frank, i personally believe that crapping actually help us in a way to deal with the tension of life.

For example, one day you were riding the bike. You accidently hit this pretty girl. Girl was not injured but extremely angry and she scolded you. You felt like you want to slap her on the face because it was her fault but you cant. So you write it here. It works on me. Hey but i am not the guy in the story. It just another imaginary story i created a few seconds ago.

But i am not writing the benefits of crapping here. Its about me!and yea craping is part of me. So basically i can crap a little. XDD

Okayh people! i went to KL few days ago and looking for jobs and the result is..HALF DISSAPOINTING..
Why did i say that? Yea..there awere pros and cons. Even the second day in KL i was aleady starting to walk around my cousin’s house area to look for jobs. There were a lot of cc, seven eleven, restaurants, office and more. Not to forget,  I DONT LIKE TO WORK AT SELLING FOOD COMPANY so its a no for KFC, Mcd, or secret recipe or whatever kind of food company in Malaysia. Food company always the last option, or maybe NO at all.

So yea i asked the people from the store and some of them asked me to fill some forms and told me that if they need me they will give a call. I applied A LOT OF forms. AND EACH of them said they will give a call. So its like giving you hope that you are actually going to get the job but the real things is.
ITS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF SAY “sorry, we are full here, go and try somewhere else.” IN A MUCH NICER WAY. Its proved i mean, i applied for what, 20 forms of different jobs, and till today. NONE CALL. So you have to patiently wait until one man dies, moved away, quit, or whatever it was to make you get the job.

I am tired of asking people “ada kerja kosong ke tak?” and the result is the same. But i didn’t quit there. Almost like 4 days of searching the jobs. I finally called for job interview. I went there.  Wearing the only kemeja i  brought from home which was fully white(its my school uniform actually). And the result is positive! I get the job but the next day..mum called me. Its a ‘coming home” call. Mum wanted me to get back home so i have to say sorry to the boss that i had to quit, eventhough i didn’t even started yet.

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Home Boy.

SICKO DOIN’ NOTHING. Find me a job please.

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Okayh people if you don’t realize it is 4/2/2012 already and yet the biggest achievement i made so far for this January was..


Ofcourse i am not this desperate but i need a job.

Hell yeah. And still carry on with that title till i write this. Oh wait, no i am not “Penganggur Berjaya”, i have a job! Ofcourse its not official but still it is quite important. Proud to call the job as..


More like this one.XDD

Why did i name it that way? Its because the work looked like one of the engineering task and i did it at home and mum is my project manager. Let me tell you the details.

Time of work                       : everytime she called. So its flexible.

Wages                                 : None. I get the job done and she maked me 5 pieces of “roti telur”.(Beware!its extremely delicious and addictive. But please do try it at home)

Uniform                                : Free to wear anything as long i am not naked.

Friendlist in workplace       : Sometimes there was only me, or maybe my brother, my dad, or even the project manager herself(Mum). Ohyea i almost forget. The cat. It always follow us where ever we went to do the job. But he could only looked, and miaww. Thats all about the cat.

Sample Projects                 : so far we have made those:-

1.     1.  Put on “portable sink”(is that the way they called it?)
2.     2.  Put some rocks to build 4feet fence.
3.     3.  Dig the soil, no its not soil, it was a small hill at first and after so long digging it became flat. (for your information i took weeks to actually flatten it.)
4.       4.  Make a small bench. Damn it was tough. When my brother and i tried to cut the woods, its difficult and the best thing was, it also took AGES to just cut one piece of it. Why? I think the saw we were using was blunt. Not effective anymore.
5.     5.  Make a small table. My mother wanted to use it when she was cutting meats.
6.     6.  Repairing a desktop computer. (I even opened the CPU and checked all the components or parts in there myself, with some help from Abg Di i did learnt how to assemble it back.)

Yea. This is the parts in your CPU. Thanx to Abg Di for teaching me these.

Thats for now i think. But the Project Manager always has something to do in her mind so don’t worry the project list will increase sooner. I mean almost every evening she always got me to do something. I am glad i have a good Project Manager because she keeps me busy. So i wouldn’t feel bored after all.

I might be going to KL this Monday. See if there any job for me there. Maybe its time for me to get the real paid for my job. LETS ROCK THE TOWN!

PEOPLE! IF YOU SEE ANY SIGN WITH “jawatan kosong”, i will appreciate if you could tell me.

The SPM result is on 22nd march and yea..I got a month to work and lets not waste the time! 

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"Engineer Rumah"