Dengue Fever vs Chicken Pox

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Listening to what happened to my friend’s brother made me uneasy, “Am I having the same thing? Am I having dengue fever?!”. As you can see, my friend’s brother was admitted to the hospital for a few days due to dengue fever. So I was kinda worried about it when I was looking my whole body full of red dots! I tried to contact that friend of mine to make sure about it because she might have more knowledge than me.

But when I thought twice, naah, its just gonna trouble her more so I winded up searching in the google. Beginning with dengue fever images, I saw a lot of red dots at one’s body and that was totally a clear symptom that you got dengue fever but compared to mine, my red dots were still couldn’t be considered as “a lot”.

I looked carefully on my red dots, to make sure if it did looked the same as the dengue one and hell yea it looked almost the same!

That’s it, I am going to spend my night today in the hospital”. Damn I hate needles!

So I told my parents about this and they were kinda worried as well so they brought me to the clinic. I have seen my doctor and you know what he said to me about this.

Do you ever have chicken pox before?
No sir, I don’t.
Then this will be your first.

Whatttttttt. Hahahaha. I was kinda relieve to know that I didn’t have dengue but chicken pox??Damn it!now my body is itching like hell I always have to put cream on my body. You know what, sometimes I do wish that chicken pox attack me when I was a little kid because by that, I literally will get 3 benefits.

Firstly I would not remember the pain because I was too little, second the scars left might be totally heal by my age now, and third I would never ever have to worry again about having chicken pox during my teens life. But well, maybe theres one good thing it happened now because I am going to uitm this 2nd june so..what happen if this chicken pox got me when I am in there?ouh yea much more trouble some.

Well. That’s all for now. Pray for me to get better soon!hate this itching. Urghhhhh .

Chiken Pox boy

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