i m hOMMeeEEE!!

Posted by leon7zack On Friday, December 3, 2010 2 comments
i missed d sea so much..

after a long journey to kl to see my sweet kazens n frns..i m finnally home..
man..i m exhausted..
lolz..now my kazens are in my house..they followed me here from KL!!
this iz d best holLiday EVERRR!!
spent times with kazens is d best..
they had introduced me to "THE REAL FUN WORLD!!"
thats all for now..
gotto play with my sweet kazens!!
see ya..

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2 comments to i m hOMMeeEEE!!

  1. says:

    edzErin I wonder why you call yourself leon zack? :)

  1. says:

    leon7zack huh?
    leon and zack are two different name actually..
    i m kinda game maniac long time a go that i was so obsessed
    with resident evil and final fantasy game..
    leon - leon s. kennedy
    zack - zack fair..
    search laa kt google kalu nk tgk mke dieorg!
    smua hnsem2!

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