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Today is one of the historical day ever!!
if u guys wanna know, pmr results for the year 2010 was announced today!
I m sure all the big guys down there were sooo “cannot wait” for this moments..
hahaha..ofcourse we all did..semua cuak bile results nk kluar..
It was big day for  those who sit for pmr this year!!
I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the excellent  students all over Malaysia  who had achieved starights As especially the students from my former school, SID!!
fuhhhh!!congratulation guys!!
51 students had made it n finally created a new record for SID!!
u guys should be proud of urself..go n hav fun time together!
when i thought of it again..
it somehow reminded me bout my “old days” when i was taking the pmr results too..
i  cant remember the exact date but one thing for sure..
i did remember the feel of ANXIETY..NERVOUS..
waiting patiently in the school hall..
like everybody else, i was afraid too..
many thing came across my mind..
”what happen if the result turn out bad?”
“What happen if everybody score straight As n i don’t?”
“What happen if i got 7A and 1B?”
“What happen if bla bla bla...”
These are the sort of questions that normally pop out from my mind..
And as well as others’s mind too..i guess..
Luckily everything turned out fine..

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