KaZeNs, FrienD n Me..its "our" stuff..

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This iz my 2nd post after i returned from KL, i was soo buussyyy that i didnt hav d time to update my blog, sorry 4 that, but d real thing iz actually i spent A LOT of my time hanging around with my kazens n frns!! Sure big fun ya noe..oh yeah, ya noe wat, aq sempat gi  rumah ZARIFF N SYAFIK mase kat kl hari tuu!! wOOT2! sumpah best! eventho i gone through so many problems mase nk pegi rumah dieowg but thanx 2 god i finnaly made it..plus i even met ikman n alham at zariff house!i wanna say thanx to zariff n shafiq for letting me stayed at their house..sorry 4 being such a burden..besides, i found out zarif got a brother who loved to play ps2 game juz like me!supercool!i like his brother so much..lolz..n syafik house was cool too!we played ping pong till midnite n it was damn fun..miss that moments..

Enough bout my "journey to KL" stuff, now i wanna talk bout my MOST BELOVED cute kazens..
ya noe wat, from KL kazens aq ikut aq balik terengganu n decided to stay there at least for a week!..lolz..we did so much things together, swimming, bowling, playin basketball, watching cinema, play futball n MANDI HUJAN!..hahaha..nice one tho..having great time with you guys..when i thought about it again, well if i m not mistaken, almost everyday kiteowg pegi pantai n mndi!!
smpai lembik2 badan smua kne hempap ngan ombak..lolz..tuu pon x puas lg tuu, balik je rumah tros main badminton plak lps gi mndi laut tuu..u guys never tired didnt u..but now dieowg smua dh balik KL balik..don worry guys..we''ll meet again..n i will try to find "SAW 7" for u guys..so we can watch them together!^^

yesterday my brother, sister, abg mail n me went to d mesra mall to watch d latest narnia..but smentara tggu wayang pkul 7.45 pm tuu  kteowg decided utk pegi bowling dulu! the BOWLING COMPETITION BEGUN!!
i thought i already done my very best shot but still..i LOSE..hahaha..ABG MAIL was d champion that day with d highest score which iz 100++ !!congratz!!my brother got d 2nd place while i was in d 3rd n my sister was d last one..ya noe, abg mail STRIKE TWICE!!gile gmpak kot..sumph respek bro!
when we were done, we made our way 2 d cinema..btw...3 thumns up 4 d narnia! nice movie!

these were some of d photos bout d bowling competition^^

 "strike! msti strike nih!"

 mke2 suspense melihat mrkah masing2..lolz..


 "takkan msuk longkang lg kot.."

 "peace of cake je mnde alah nie..^^"

 "ni laa gaya champion wat strike.."

"luv ice-cream!"

at mesramall cinema..^^

thats all for now..
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