Dark History..

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a letter from d heart:

last nite when i was lying on my bed,
 waiting d moments my mind would take me into the dreamworld,
sumting juz came across my mind, it reminded me bout sumting..
n it was a tragedy..a dark history in my life,
wat would u do if u were in my position..
wat would u felt if u noe sumone out there hate u so much..
n u were seeing this person everyday in ur life knowing the fact that this person really hate u...
n the person could not even looked at ur face..its all happened in one evening..
ofoz i could act normal like i always did..
but things never be the same again..
lolz...now this person seems 2 be fine n happy with the life...
gud for u then..:)
i wish the very best of luck..
all i wanna said was that..i m sorry 4 wat happened..
n if this person decided to continue hating me...
then go on..
wat can i do..its ur choice..
:) i m juz gonna live my life 2 d fullest..
sumtimes i do hope that we can be gudfrns again..

(a boy who seek d real purpose of life)

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