The Run

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Okayyy. Lets start writing something. Whatever I have in minds. Hmmm. Let me think about it. About the SPM result! Yeah! Everyone was talking about it.
So whats about it?

Damnn! I don’t know!It just gonna come out this 21st they said. True or not, later or sooner it will come out, FOR REAL. Okay this is bored. I got nothing to say about this.

Ohyea..I remembered something! Okay let me tell you this new hobby of mine.
I watched forest gump movie last night and it reminded me that life is like a race.(waits..this is not forest gump. This is what Prof. Virus said! Damn it. Who cares anyway).

You just keep on running and never stop. Run as fast as you could to wherever your heart desire. I called that the freedom of mind. Okay here one fun fact about running or jogging at my place. There is this sort of culture where the village people, (I am currently living somewhere in the suburb you know, very “village” style which is so different if compared to the city life. They even still got a complete wooden house here with all the goats, and the cows were everywhere on the road. To be very simple you just have to imagine that this place is like somewhere in 1990’s or something. But ofcourse they also got rich people living here with the big houses.)

Okay back to the story. I didn’t know why but every morning when I jogged to the beach from my house, the people who were going to work with bikes, or cars always stared at me like I was somehow a serial killer. I didn’t murder anybody if you asked me. I was just going for a jog and whats so weird about that? Shorts pants, simple t-shirts, with my blue crocs, I started to run to the beach every morning. Oh don’t be surprised because I didn’t wear sports shoes. Its mainly because I was running along the beach, or in other words running on the soft sand, you know beach sand so if you were wearing some shoes, you might have to deal with the problem of getting your shoes filled with A LOT of sand. That’s why I wore crocs because its so much easier and lighter. By the time I reached the beach I ll take the crocs off and let my feet bare.

these were my crocs.

i sat on the ground.

Its about 200 metre only before I got into the beach area so once I arrived, Boom! There was no more suspicious eyes will follow me. I was all alone at the beach early in the morning. So I ran ran ran ran again till I got tired and finally I sat on the sand and waited the sun to rise. Its beautiful. And sometimes when I saw to much of the sun I lied down to ground looking at the beautiful sky. I always lied down every time I took the stop. I didn’t care if the sand climbed up to my shirt, or my hair. The peace that I had paid everything. I could see the white clouds floating happily in the sky, they were like waving to me. Sometimes, they made the shape of  people, animals, train, car, whatever they wanted to be.

just like this one.

There where I made friends with the clouds. They were speechless most of time and its always me who did the talk. They talked. Like seriously they talked. But not quite often. Sometimes at the evening they make a sound like “whooooo..oo..fhhhhhh”. I like my new friends. I thought they were very cool and you know why. I lied down on the sand like the other day and I finally thought of something.

The clouds, or my friends, they were the citizen OF THE WORLD and they need no passport to get in any countries. They must have traveled so far and experienced a lot of thing. Floating up there made them have the chances to observe us. Maybe they had been to china!or japan! Or America! That’s why they were so cool.

Today I ran again. But it was raining heavily. It didn’t stop me from running. I didn’t care if people said I was mad. I just wanna run. Because I am a free runner. I free my mind.

Free runner

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