The Dream: Sovereignians.

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I have a very weird dream today. Actually I dreamt a lot of things lately, from tsunami, flying in the air, being in a jungle and so many other weird but yet interesting dream! I like to dream! Its like taking me into another whole new world! Something you never see and experience but only in dreams. New faces, new places.
But sometimes there are few same characters in the dreams for example my friends, my family and stuff. Of course I am the hero of my dream and I always show up in every episodes most of the time, only in certain case where I was missing, totally lost in the dream and it was like I was just watching a movie of my mind. And sometimes I just show up from nowhere as another person! Dreams are great. Its like a test on how far your mind could go when you sleep.

People often said that when we are dreaming, our soul actually steps out from our body and travel to somewhere else. And that somewhere else might be a different world. Maybe you can see ghost, aliens and whatever freak creature in the universe, who knows?. I don’t know if the fact is true or not but sometimes it makes sense. But who cares anyway! As long as I have a good dream just take me where you want!

Today I dreamt about sovereign. It was a long dream and of course there were many events taken place in the dream but as usual, once you woke up you will remember nothing. But today I woke up from my bed AND I DID REMEMBER ONE PART OF THE DREAM!(in some situations I could remember the whole things but it was rare)
I remember that I was in a crowd of people, sovereignians I guess, and there was ainin!Sorry to put you into this dude but I certainly remember you. She was standing in front of me and handed me a cd, looked like the one the school gave to me.

And poooft another second I was at my home. I don’t know how or why I was just there. I checked the cd and yea,if it was in real life the cd should contain all the pictures of sovereignians. But in my dream the cd didn’t have all those pictures.

It has something else. It was a video and theres like each of the class have their own videos and it was compiled into one. They looked very happy and yea. there was a song!there was a song..but I just couldn’t remember it. Then the video came to a part where all my classmates were there. I saw everyone of them. We were like chasing each other, playing hide and seek. It was so happy and I was there. For sure.

Is this a sign that I miss my friends? I don’t now. Maybe I do.

A Dreamer.

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