Hate my glasses.

Posted by leon7zack On Friday, March 30, 2012 2 comments

Its been a long time that since I stopped blogging.
Now I m back peoplehh!fuhhhh.(eventho it was like just one week maybe.lets just say it “very long”.XDD)
My brother went back to his college today and
I am still stuck here with desktop.
And you know what. I HATE WEARIING GLASSES!
Especially when I was playing the computer. I got a very wide screen and yeah..sure the image was going to be much clearer ofcourse but HELL I SEE NOTHING without my glass. I cant even read the words without it. Hell I can if I put my eyes like 2 inches from the screen then its gonna be fine. But who the hell gonna do that for 3 hours non-stop.
The problem is when I wear my glass for sometimes, my eyeballs hurt. So I need to take them off for like, 30 minutes maybe so my eyeballs can take a rest. And I hate it when my eyeballs hurt at the exact time when I start writing!
Urgghhh. I wish I had eaten so many carrots so my eyes can get better.
Lucky enough I don’t have to wear my glasses if in real life.
Just gonna used it for long distance view.

Short-sighted boy

2 comments to Hate my glasses.

  1. says:

    Syukri Shukor nanti aku belikan kau Wide-Screen Glasses..so kau bleh tgok Wide-Screen LCD..XD

  1. says:

    leon7zack tanak...ak nk contact lens!.tak lenguh mata!hahaha

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