SPM Results: The Guilty Cop

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You will now whats this picture got to do with my story once you read this.

Its too much for me to eat ALL of it at one time. I am a normal human being and I do sucks sometimes. Maybe most of the times. I don’t know. But the thing is its completely normal to feel down just like what my friend told me. Well, we can be DOWN for a moment if that’s make us feel better by telling people about our problems and stuff but being DOWN too long is not good. You need to get your ass out of there man.

I got the SPM result and its not like what i have been dreaming so far. Its not really that bad but still, the mission is incomplete. I was grateful to God for giving me an excellent results but. Theres a ‘but’ there. I did admitted that I want more than just that. I am not being greedy but this one thing is very important to me. If I was about to be an engineer the least I could do secured my future is by getting my physic an “A+”. But it didn’t turned out to be that way. Instead I got “A+” for my chemistry.

What should I tell them when they asked me during the interview.

“You want to be a mechanical engineer but the result you show me means nothing of it. Can you explained that?”

This one mad question had been haunting my mind since I held the slip in my hand. Or should I just change my course. Naah. I love engineering. And most of all I love to create things. Sometimes I do wish that my chemistry somehow doing some private deal with physics about exchanging their result. It could be better but no way in Hell it would happen.

From this day on. I need to live knowing the fact that I am not qualified to be a good engineer, for my self. Maybe some people would say that its okay and they will understand about this and besides, its not so bad to get A for physics, its still a good result. But for me, I had failed. I should be taking my physics more seriously. Its like you were a cop you know. You were going on a mission to rescue some hostages which one them is THE PRESIDENT. So there you were, full suit with high tech weapons in the arm just like in the game counter strike. You were struggling with your friends and finally spot the hostages. You saved all of them and brought them to safety but you checked them. You were missing somebody. How possibly on earth you forgot to save THE PRESIDENT. Even though I saved a lot of lifes, I was to be blame on why I left the president behind and the whole world gonna see as nothing and yet a failure. A complete failure.

Lets stop bragging about this and get into the real thing. I should be finding scholarship for now. That’s my new mission and I couldn’t failed this one. Not again. Not this time. I am coming for you Mr. president.

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Guilty cop.

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