The Rider In Rain.

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If  I could describe this day in two words. I think its gonna “bad day”.
Okay now here the part where my story begin.
I went to work today and it was like 4.45 pm or something. I didn’t remember the exact time cause I was in such a hurry.
I picked my sweater, watch, ,mask, bottle of water, and finally my glasses.
Got the key to my bike and I was riding out of my compound. I looked at the sky hrough my big glasses and it seemed like the rain gonna fall again.

its blurring and i couldnt see a thing. just like this one.

I knew the rain was gonna fall again. Thast why I asked mum where did I put my raincoats just before I left.
The sky was so white. Mum said when the sky was too white there will be along rain.
Unending rain. Like the days before this it had been raining quite a lot and its freezing like hell in here.
Coldness made you feel sleepy and slow.
Just like what we learnt in the physic when an object became colder, it losed its energy and the atoms would collide less and the movements became slower.
Just like this day where everything slowed down, icluding the time.
But one thing for sure seemed to be faster.
The traffic.

In a situation where everything SHOULD be slower but the cars and bikes are getting faster like hell. So there I was. Riding my bike in a heavy rain that’s just blocked my view.
I couldn’t see the road clearly and if there were holes on the road I bet I ll be flying on the air by the time but I was lucky. Lucky enough not to get into the holes.
But I wasn’t lucky enough to avoid from hitting the broken glass on the road.
It was scattered. I couldn’t see it at first but I did noticed something like green color on the road. But I ignored it.


Even if I could avoid it, it will be a much worst ending. Death.
There were so many cars behind me passing through
the same road and the same direction as I was.
Even if a slightest inch I tried to turn a little bit to the right just to avoid th broken glass on the road.
I afraid I might ended up into pieces. So I crashed it hard and I found later on my handling of the bike suddenly became unstable.
I knew something was wrong. I stopped at the nearby petrol station to check my bike.

The front tire was punctured. I started looking around for a workshop and thanks god there was one. Just opposite of the petrol station.
I dragged my bike and before I crossed the road.
I watched the time it was like 5.30 pm. I am late to work and my boss called me.
I explained to him what happened and he understood.
I look at the right and left to make sure it was safe enough for me to cross the roads but I wasn’t stand a chance.

This particular time where all sort of people were running on their way home, the cars were endless. I didn’t know how long but it was very long.
Finally the road was cleared and I crossed it safely.
It was a Chinese workshop and I told them whats the problem and they knew what to got to do.
They changed the tube and it costed like ten ringgits and finally I managed to get to work.

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The Rider In Rain

*This was actually happening yesterday. Its one late post.

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