My Crap: TNB Education Camp #Part1

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Hello guys! I am back! When I say “I am back”, it literally means I am home. Its been like 2 or 3 weeks I have been in KL for some reasons. Wait let me do the math, okay I went to KL exactly on 5th april and today is 23rd so..(thinking and continue to think…naah I just need to get my calculator.XDD). It was 18 days!wow..thats long enough to kill the time.

Okay lets start with the question, “eh kenapa kau lama sangat kau duduk KL nih?kau tade keje eh.” Okay guys I know that there will be no one reading this post because its like talking to my self so I didn’t give a damn about what I want to say here (when I say “guys”, it means me, I, myself, lokman, L, and all the other stuff of me.XDD.its crap right.i know)

So yeah lets start the story. I went to tnb education camp at uniten kajang which started on 6th of april and 8.00 pagi dh kene daftar(so freaking early man) so I need to get there a day earlier. Stop by joe’s house and stayed there for one night before her mum sent me to uniten the next day. Btw thanx a lot joe your mum and dad rock!seriously. I like them a lot. We didn’t do much activities together because it was late when I reached his house but still, we have movienight in joe’s room. (and he had a guitar which was superawesome!). So the next time I knew I was already at the educamp.

Enrolling times. There were like hundreds of them waiting in the hall, queing up for room keys and all that boring stuff. Everyone seemed like “extremely” want to make friends with everyone as 1 second later you’ll find a guy extending his hands for a shake. And the most common typical sentence they used, “(nama diaorg), kau? Ak asal dari _______.”, nice one. I played along with it. No harm right. Its just making friends. Who care if you were Chinese, or Indians or Siamese, or you frequently prefer to use English in your conversation, I ll go talk and made friend. No big deal. So yeah we were all in this big hall, playing kiddos game like dancing, and running. All that stuff, just to break the ice I think.

Then it came to the real thing. We were divided into 4 big group, (is it 4?i didn’t remember.weee.XDD). they were mechanical engineering which happen to be my group, also the most happening and the coolest group in the camp.XDD, err..power group, and…accountant group maybe? I seriously couldn’t remember but there are few groups. My group consist of 18 people, we got Chinese, Indians, malays, and all boys. That actually made our group the coolest.XDD.

present to YOU. team B group.named "bombastic".

Why suddenly I felt so lazy to write about this thing. Maybe because theres too much to tell and I am too lazy to write. Damn it. Well. Lets see if I wanna talk more about it later on. For the time being let just conclude that it was a great fun camp and I have the coolest group ever.=)

Boring boy who no longer can play HON.

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