How Mara Freak The Hell Out Of Me.

Posted by leon7zack On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 2 comments

One of the sickest day ever. Not physically but mentally. Its always make me feel safe by having the thought that somehow if I don’t secure any of the private scholarship, mara is always by my side to back me up. But today mara was like, running away from me. You guys knew that I was in kl for a few weeks and in that particular weeks mara also had opened its application so boom, Thousands of people from all over Malaysia began their run, including me.

What made me a little bit different from the others was that, I was not at home when I applied for mara. When I said I was not at home it literally mean that I didn’t bring any of important documents, because documents should be kept at home, you didt carry around your sijil kelahiran everywhere you go didn’t you? To be surprise. I did brought my important documents. Ya know I had to attend the tnb education camp so in case if they need any of these, I ll be prepared, so I did brought them.

So what  the hell is your problem with mara if you bring everything?

That’s the problem. I didn’t bring EVERYTHING. Mara in its application form required my mum and dad’s sijil kelahiran so I didn’t have them. I NEVER THOUGHT THEY GONNA NEED MY MUM AND DAD’S SIJIL KELAHIRAN. I just brought mine. This is the first scholarship application that need something like this. What they want,that’s I wanna give. But I just came home yesterday and today I call mara to inform my situation. Oh forgot to tell that I just sent my application form by hand yesterday.WITHOUT THAT 2 DOCUMENTS.

So one guy from mara told me that my application may be rejected because it was not completed and that freak the hell out of me. How can I send them right away before the dateline which is tomorrow? Thats the first question I asked him. He told me to fax them but still, he said he couldn’t guarantee that the documents would be attached back to my application form because there were thousands of them and ofcourse they didn’t to waste their time just to look for mine in the huge mountain pile of application forms.

 So yea I was freak out. If mara don’t offer me I got nobody else. Guys if you were reading this. Please pray for me that mara will accept my fax and attached them back where they should be. ALLAH please help me.

Somebody who pray to GOD so that miracle could happen.

2 comments to How Mara Freak The Hell Out Of Me.

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    nursab.sabe Insyaallah dpt. pray lots my friend. :)

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    leon7zack THANX SABB!!ak doakan kau jugak dpt yg terbaik!smoga mara sentiasa backup kita sab.aminnnnn.=)

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