Fly RocketPlane! Fly!

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It must be pretty damn bored if I am writing this. What else I got to do rather than this right, if I was at my cousin’s house ouh I am sure theres a lot of thing to crushed on. Especially the HON. Damn I missed that game, even though I wasn’t a pro. But still, to be a pro you first must step into the ‘noobies’ phase. Just finished rewatching how I met your mother. It never fail to make me laugh. So guys out there who never watch HIMYM, here I want to promote this dramas, as one of the most FUNNIEST drama I ever seen in my life. Guyys guys its so off the topic right now. But you know what, who cares, its my blog.XDD

Okay let me set things straight, I was standing alone in my home compound in the evening trying to figure out things and suddenly a strong, continuous wind blew into my face. Suddenly I remembered at evening like this I used to play badminton with my brother, when he came home ofcourse and the wind kept troubling the game. And sometimes we get annoyed easily when we were just about to start the badminton game and suddenly the wind blew, and when we stopped playing the game forgod sake its stop! So I was thinking about this and finally came with something.

what kind of games that require wind to play it through?

*lightbulb showed up!
its ‘the rocketplane’!

What I meant by ‘rocket plane’ is this.

Guys guys guys I knew you are surely think my ‘rocketplane’ should not be called that way but this one is totally amazing and I wanna named ‘rocketplane’ so just…just go with it okayy.

So to make a ‘rocketplane’, these are some of the stuff that you need to be close with, or otherwise you’ll end up going to pick somethings, then sit again, and 2 seconds later your up picking things again, that will kill the mood, seriously.

This was because I didn’t have the sticks. So I need to find that dead leaves and cut some sticks out of it so guys if you have the sticks it WOULD BE MUCH EASIER.

I cut the leaves and took some sticks out of it with that. Just please remember don’t KILL anyone. And kid, if you are underage, please don’t try this at home.

Yes this was very important. A cellophane tape! I didn’t have the smaller one. So I just gotto do with what I have right. Ouh dont forget the newspaper!

A pencil box!pens and scissors. We are gonna need to cut somethings later on.

So that’s the stick I made. Phewww, good job Mr engineer!

The next step is to do that.

And that,

Okay I have no more pictures but I am pretty sure you guys can figure it out yourself.(actually I am tired of writing this that’s why I need a fast end.XDD)

So lastly it would be like this one!tadaaaa!Today I fly it up. That will be in another post about what happen next to my ‘rocketplane’.thats all from now.=)


‘Rocketplane’ engineer.

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