the crap..(^_^)

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its me..trapped in my own mind..

i m in d middle of no where..
i dunno wat to do..
i dont think i wanna studycoz d exam iz over..
i dont think playing games would make it either..
i juz dont hav d mood 2 play games rite now..
its feels so empty..
from d inside..
its iz so quiet here..hey..i juz noticed sumtin..
where iz my mum n dad?my sister??
urghhh..they gone 2 sleep already..
y iz everyone sleep so early today??..
i dunno y but i feel it iz a waste of time u sleep very early..
ya noe wat..u could do A LOT OF GUD N FUN THINGS instead of sleeping..
u can watch movies, read books, play cards, play carrom, listen to new song n many2 more!!
but d problem here iz..
i juz dont understand y i don hav d mood 2 do all that stuff..
it feel like..

example of strange creatures in my mind..

sumtin..maybe some strange creature are crawling into my heart
slowly eatin my soul..
till no i hav no more soul in d body n i feel
i could move i wont..
i could shout but i wont either..
sumtimes in life that i feel useless..
u r like the ZOMBIE!!
yes..the ZOMBIE!!..thats the most perfect word to describe it..!!
but ofcos i m not dead..thats make it different between me n d zombie..
i think wat make me feel that way iz bcoz..
i play resident evil too much..

if ya guys wanna noe..this iz d real "leon"..

i gotto stop playing that games coz now i m writting crap bout zombie..
zombie r really not that bad actually...
they eat ppl juz bcoz they wanna stay alive..thats all...
juz like d tigers..lion n so on..they kill others to sustain life..
SERIOUSLY..i m starting to write crap now..
better stop it..

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