Sorry, I fired myself boss.

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Wait. I tell you later about it. I want to crap first.

Its the crapping time. I haven’t crap for long. So let me stress out all the things that swinging in my minds. Do you realize when you are writing about yourself or what you have done before. ITS MUCH MORE EASIER than you have to write about something else. Its like everything flow out from your brain spontaneously. I called this technique , CRAPPING. Crapping is good, for me. I don’t know if its good for you but yeah, it works on me.

Especially at night like this when i am bored. Crapping sure kill the time. And to be frank, i personally believe that crapping actually help us in a way to deal with the tension of life.

For example, one day you were riding the bike. You accidently hit this pretty girl. Girl was not injured but extremely angry and she scolded you. You felt like you want to slap her on the face because it was her fault but you cant. So you write it here. It works on me. Hey but i am not the guy in the story. It just another imaginary story i created a few seconds ago.

But i am not writing the benefits of crapping here. Its about me!and yea craping is part of me. So basically i can crap a little. XDD

Okayh people! i went to KL few days ago and looking for jobs and the result is..HALF DISSAPOINTING..
Why did i say that? Yea..there awere pros and cons. Even the second day in KL i was aleady starting to walk around my cousin’s house area to look for jobs. There were a lot of cc, seven eleven, restaurants, office and more. Not to forget,  I DONT LIKE TO WORK AT SELLING FOOD COMPANY so its a no for KFC, Mcd, or secret recipe or whatever kind of food company in Malaysia. Food company always the last option, or maybe NO at all.

So yea i asked the people from the store and some of them asked me to fill some forms and told me that if they need me they will give a call. I applied A LOT OF forms. AND EACH of them said they will give a call. So its like giving you hope that you are actually going to get the job but the real things is.
ITS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF SAY “sorry, we are full here, go and try somewhere else.” IN A MUCH NICER WAY. Its proved i mean, i applied for what, 20 forms of different jobs, and till today. NONE CALL. So you have to patiently wait until one man dies, moved away, quit, or whatever it was to make you get the job.

I am tired of asking people “ada kerja kosong ke tak?” and the result is the same. But i didn’t quit there. Almost like 4 days of searching the jobs. I finally called for job interview. I went there.  Wearing the only kemeja i  brought from home which was fully white(its my school uniform actually). And the result is positive! I get the job but the next day..mum called me. Its a ‘coming home” call. Mum wanted me to get back home so i have to say sorry to the boss that i had to quit, eventhough i didn’t even started yet.

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Home Boy.

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    FEYNA lawak ah cite kau lokman. haha

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    leon7zack sebenarnya banyak lg cerita yg jadik masa tuh. ak mlas nk gaji yg boss tu offer besarlah!1000++

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