"Is there any rooms available for today?(customer)".."urrgghh...sorry(me)?"

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Okayh readers!boys or girls..or whoever it is.
I am ready!
Ready for what? Ready to CRAP ofcourse..about my job story which now had been a history.
Been watching How I met Your mother lately. They sure funny guys and I loved the way they expressed their jokes.
*affirmatoohtly*hahaha. Marshal did said that and it made me laughed like thousand times.

I like you very much marshal.hahaha.

Okayh back to the main topic. I told you guys I was back home by this time because my mum wanted me to work somewhere much closer to the house so I could take care of her. Thanks to mum she find me a job..in ONE STAR HOTEL near the town.

Yea..more like this one. Just a little bit smaller.


The nightmare finally began. Whos the hell is the first thing you would see when you walked into a hotel? A RECEPTIONIST to e exact! you know someone who stand at the front counter and when people came by they often asked this kind of question.
"is there any room available for now?"

Yes. Thats me.

Thats NOT SO ME.

To be frank, I hate that question and I hate being a receptionist. Mum thought that I would love an easy and more relaxing job like this one so I could spend the time readings, playing games or whatever it took to do my things.

And yeahhh. It is a relaxing job after all and it was SO RELAX TILL YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO! Besides looking at the time ofcourse i got nothing to do. Sorry I was wrong. There are somethings to do actually. Very tiny tiny things that would only took a few minutes to get it done like filling the water bottles, said thanks when people leave their keys as they want to go out, and lastly checked the room when people checked out. so what? these are like..30 minutes..??.. what about the rest of 7 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES???

Maybe some will said to me like this when they found out about my job.

"seronoklah dapat kerja macam tuu. Relax je...tak payah nak keluar peluh semua macam org lain yg kerja dekat kfc ke..Mcd ke.."

You sure want this kind of job?hahaha..then go and have IT! NO ONE STOPPING YOU AND PLEASE REPLACED ME. You are most welcome. Easier said than done. I tried so hard to figure what I could do to kill the time and yea..I read books..playing games with my phone..read newspaper..drawing some cartoons..and what else..THATS JUST NOT ENOUGHHH!

Being at the front counter surrounded with 1.5 metre tall of table made of solid stone sure make me felt like I was in a prison. I may not phisically prisoned but my mind was!
The only things what made me and the real prisoner different were that..I was provided with a lot of things..I got pens..paper..calculator..books..receipts..and for the prisoners..they have none.


And yea one more thing about "the differences". I dont see any different between "pak cik gad" and me!! We both wait and do nothing. I meant most of the time. What made me luckier than "pak cik gad" was. I could sit. and they cant.maybe some of them can. but who cares?this post is about me and not them.

Watching the clock ticked from one second to another sure a terible suffering that i had. everydays at the workplace i always dreamt that the time would passed quickly that i could go back home..safe and secured..and after one week of working.

THATS IT. I quit.
There are so many jobs out there and i dont want to be the another clone of "pakcik gad". now I am at home. enjoying all the moments with fun.

But thats doesnt mean I am gonna stop looking for other jobs. I am not a quiters.

Hotel Receptionist

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