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I lost. 
That is the exact word that can describes ME NOW! Help me guys! I am totally lost after the long war fighting for SPM. And now..i am nothing..it is an empty feeling that..
make your life doesn’t mean anything and  train you to become a useless person who only do 3 things EVERY SINGLE DAY which are sleep, eat, facebooking and nothing more!! Someone please help me..superhero please wake me up from this bad dream..i need a goal..new challenges in life so  that i can start all over again..

Maybe some might say that you are lucky because you are not chosen to go to PLKN..
but..when i am in this situation..
sometimes i do wish that i will be chosen..to the PLKN camp..so i could go on with my life and atleast I GOT A PURPOSE TO LIVE!

But i do realize the bad thing about PLKN which i hate the most..
and makes me THANKFUL TO GOD for not being chosen to PLKN which is..
the marching..i don’t know why but i just hate it..
maybe it is because the hot weather..(don’t tell me you expect them marching under a roof don’t you) and the “paralyze stand still” thingy..ya know..as long as the Head Marcher don’t give instructions you cant MOVE..even a bit..and i hate that..but otherwise is okay if you ask me..
i can meet new friends, new place, new teachers..yeahh..everything other than marching seemed fine for me..

After a simple survey i found that..most of my friends who are not taking part in the PLKN thing they ..
went to colleges..and me? 
BTW..Congratz guys, aqeel, qee, arifi, hidayah, zainab and others as well..so jealous of you guys..=)
I cant wait for the SPM result to come out..so i can BE A STUDENT AGAIN!
i dont know what the hell am i crapping here. Just typing whatever passed in my mind thats all.

Lost man.


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