The story of my Chinese New Year: How sunburn spoiled my days.

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It Chinese New Year Everyone! To all the Chinese, Gong Xi Fa Cai! According to their belief, they said this 2012 is the dragon year which bring prosperity.  So guys out there, lets go out and make some moneyyyyyy!!woot woot!! But for us Malays, the best part of CNY is..THE HOLIDAYS! Even though my family didn’t go for any vacation but people did came to our house.


Yeah. Exactly. The cousins, not the one that i used to story about, this time it was ANOTHER COUSINS of mine and this was their first time coming here. WELCOME TO THE BEACH LIFE PEOPLE! They came to our house last Sunday from KL just to have a good time of swimming in the FANTASTIC SEA OF OURS! Ouh, people loved my beach, i am so touched.LOL.=)

So yeah, these are my cousins that i am talking about!=), warm and friendly.

So yeah, this how the story began, here was this little girl cousin of mine, super duper hyperactive girl(she loved to played with my hair and interrupted me while i am facebooking! Climbing on my head and more), she asked her dad to bring her to the beach, and it was like 11.30 am in the morning that time.

We all did agree the fact that it was not the best time to swim in the sea as we probably could get our skin cooked within minutes but somehow they were going home soon so we didn’t have much time to waste. Besides, my father wanted to introduce them to this one perfect spot on the beach where people rarely go (it was hidden and took a long walk from the beach to get there) where it is completely devoid of life. Devoid of life?LOL. i am just kidding.

see the end over there in the pic?Yeahh..farrr farr awayyyy..

And there were many rocks, big rocks blocking the way.

It was beautiful, untouched, and perfect spot if you are seeking for peaceful and calmness. So we took a long walk under the hot sun for about 20 minutes and there it was! Okayyy, at first i didn’t have any intension to join my cousins swimming actually and thats explained why i didn’t bring any spare clothes!

And yeah, now my DAD was asking me to join them.

If dad joined them swimming, what the hell should I do?” i speaked to myself.on the rock

YEAHHHHH SUREEEEE! I was swimming with one and only pant i got, leaving my upper body bare to the shiny sun as i put my shirt on the rock. HELL YEAH it was fun and i didn’t even feel the hotness when i was in the sea.  2 hours and half sure enough to make you a chicken chop. Besides being a little bit black of course, my skin especially at the back, was extremely painful!!! Till the moments that i am writing this post, my back hurts.

Thats how i ended up sunburn.

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