Midnight Post

Posted by leon7zack On Saturday, January 21, 2012 5 comments
Its brother and me.=)

Its almost midnight and my brother is already on board in the plane to the dream world.
He asked me to wake him up later on..maybe when the the clock struck twelve I ‘ll wake him up.
He said he want to use this whole week to study.
What am i doing? I write. Whatever came across my mind.
It has been a long time i didn’t update my blog. Not busy but being lazy.
FYI i always open my blog, every single day, just to read news from other people, friends.
But i never have the “tendency” or..in other word..never bother to update my blog.
Lazy. Thats the words.
And now my friends from the PLKN have gone home and they were busy onlining..
Telling how “happy” they are in that camp. I wished i could be in the camp as well.
They kept on posting in facebook about the “thingy” that they learnt from the camp which i find hard to understand. I think it is something fun.
LOL, i didn’t comment anything, better keep my mouth shut because i know nothing.XDD
I am happy they are here again..with all of us..

written from the heart,
a boy who want to be an engineer

5 comments to Midnight Post

  1. says:

    Syukri Shukor It is actually modules we learnt at class...its damn boring..yang bestnya kat plkn is time leh enjoy2 dgn frnds

  1. says:

    leon7zack ur lying!plkn is awesome when it comes to physical activity,
    xcept the kawad, yea.

  1. says:

    average ami there's two lokman!! :O

  1. says:

    leon7zack nope.there is only one mee.XDD

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