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Those 2 words sure had a lot of meaning. The first one is you are no longer had to sleep with books around your bed or wake up early in the morning just to have a quiet and harmony environment so that you can put your head and 100% focus on the study.

 That one was the good side of SPM FREE. I couldn’t believe it myself when i was spending my whole day watching movies, facebooking, chatting, playing sports, looking at my naguchin without even had to worry about exam. Two years of war finally end on 30th November 2011.

But SPM FREE didn’t come for free, nothing is free in the world. Besides all the fun and joy, there was a price i need to pay. Leaving my friends and teachers were a tough one. 2 years of knowing each other made me feel like we were family. Laugh, sorrow, pain and so much emotions we shared together that sometimes we even felt like we would always be together, never be apart forever.

I had to leave all my bestfriend, syuk, zaini,zaidi, amin, aiman, cherah, aizat, and many more, realizing the fact that i might not be able to see them again. All the memories from the first day enrolling to the school, until the last day were totally unforgettable! I missed you guys.

Its been a long time i didn’t have the real schooling session, i mean the ‘real schooling’ where we waited the teachers to come to the class, when they came in we greeted them, recite prayers and then sat down and began to fall asleep. Due to the PGG system i was no longer able to feel that. I sure missed that moment. The teacher which i misses the most was teacher Latifah, she was like a mum to me.

Even though every time she started lecturing and most of the students would take this opportunity to do their own thingy, i always admire her. Even though her teachings skills were not that good to make students interested in her talk and not to fall asleep, i always admire her. I just one to be in your class one more time. At least one more time.

And to my one and only Jaffarina, the day since i offered you a seat( you were sitting at the back of the class and was so quiet!) , i never thought that we will be going this far. Seriously, you were totally quiet that time and i thought you were the kind of peeps who are passive, and shy to talk which then i found out that..i was totally wrong. YOU ARE NOT A QUIET AT ALL! You and ami were besties and loved to sing the kajang song and we even made to the drama selection together. The night that everyone was surprised to hear the news that i was transferring to TGB after the first sem which was a totally joke, you scolded me for not telling you and leaving the role of Aladdin just like that. You were totally mad that time. We made to KKB together, training in the bus parking site days and night. Those moments were the best..sometimes i do amit..i felt like i wanted to be there again, to be in that time again. 

Then you threw me out and after few months later we were bestfriend again.There were many more i want to write here about our memories but..naah..i ll just keep them in my heart.

 LOL. I hope that i made the right decision when we talked that day. It was hard tho and i did thought about it during the SPM weeks. LOL. And lastly, sure enough,  i will make sure you have your VVIP seat during my wedding so please do come!:)

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