A honeymooooooonnnnnnn..XDD

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Hello ladies and guys!(*so excited today, don’t ask me why)
Sad time is over my friends!
No more sad of leaving school and friends..i learnt something today and that was..

This is one of my philosophy that i need to hold tight right now whenever i feel sad about leaving school and friend so that  I WILL NOT BE SAD AGAIN! So lokman..please bear in your head about this!

LOL. I remembered saying this to Shook when i hugged him for the last time.
Afraid of never seeing each other again? Don’t worry guys, I AM NOT DEAD YET! When i am dead..then i couldn’t see you guys again because i will be in the ground by that time and you guys are reciting Al-Fatihah besides my grave.

Its honeymoon time to Jakarta!!woot2!!

Yeah..i am tired of packing things and i am ready to go back to beloved maktab tomorrow with zaini!
But the sad thing is, even though i am going back to “home” tomorrow...there will be no one there anymore for me to see..isshhhh..forget about it larrhh and back to my philosophy!!(*spinning my head to remove all the sad thoughts)

Zaini and i are coming to kuantan tomorrow to pack our robotic stuffs before we will go to MRSM Taiping with ckgu Zulaifuddin. Yeah we are going to rock the town baby!! If you guys are wandering about what we are doing in taiping, we actually make our one week preparation, doing this and that, programming that and this, breaking this part, breaking that part, then reconnecting them again and all of that stuff before we go to JAKARTA FOR IROC(International robotic something something la..competition kot..LOL) from 14th to 19th Dec 2011..!!

Thats why i am writing a post here, because i know i wouldn’t have the time to write again after this..
But don’t worry  i ll try to write! Hope Mrsm Taiping have some kind of wifi so that me and zaini can access to the internet!

the boys who will fight for Malaysia!

Please pray for us, may the God bless and guide me and zaini so that we can win the game. We seriously need that IROC medal on our neck....AND WE WANT IT BADLY!!

The boy who is desperate to win

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