Miracle: Broadband Transformation

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Hello people.

I performed a miracle today(maybe for some people this is like so bullshit but for me it is a miracle.)

I just bought a u mobile sim card for internet purpose and i used with a maxis modem! I know many people had tried this before but for me it was something really cool to do! You don’t have to spend hundreds to buy a new u mobile modem. Just use the one you have now. I know its seemed like impossible right because the first time i tried it went failed. With maxis software in that modem how possibly it could run the u mobile line right?lol. i admitted i was frustrated that time. Then i started to think again.

This modem. This maxis modem if i deleted the existing maxis broadband files in it and replace it with u mobile software in might as well working! So i was surfing the internet, typing all the possible words in the google like “u mobile broadband software download” and many many more with all the hopes that i could download it for free and yet. I have find nothing. Second frustration waved me. Maybe i thought when i come back to kmb later on  i ll find a guy with real u mobile modem and try to take the file in it. Atleast thats the only way i could think of that time.

Then my life saver came(it was my big bro, abg Ismail). He handed me his phone with a picture of a blog in it. He asked me to read so i did. OMG its another EASIER WAY to solve my problems! I don’t need u mobile files or whatever crapp. I just need to unlock my maxis broadband with a code and thats all! The blog sure is very handy. The links are all there to generate the codes and we did it. 

I CAN FINALLY USE IT. WITH THE MAXIS FILE. We were laughing like hell to see it was really that simple.

And then i asked him about where did he find that blog and he told me he just typed “modem maxis sim card u mobile” in google and there it was.

JUST THAT???OMG i typed like so many computer terms to find the answer and he just typed that?
I WAS TOTALLY AMAZED. Today i learnt that if you wanna search anything in google. Be direct at first and if you still don’t find it then start using the terms. Thanks a lot big bro.

I don’t know what to say.

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