Are Creature Called "Homework" Relevant For People Like Us?

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Hello guys. Its me again.
Today i looked at my homework and said, “OMG!!..there are thousand of it..and i haven’t start any!!”
Ya noe wat, the pass few days were heaven, i played all along, hang out with friends, play online games with my bestfriend almost every night and a lot more...eventhough there are few problems need to be settled on..but was still heaven afterall..

God...why can’t You keep me that way for a longer time..i need to be back to school this Monday..and i haven’t start my homework yet...
But today i don’t want to share about my troubles, instead..i want to express my personal thought on a creature..called “homework”..

are this creature relevant for us?”..
this is what i am going to share with you..
Look carefully..when we first meet this creature “homework”, what the first thing will come to your mind? If you are not a nerdy typo and still have your senses well, you probably answer it like this.

And why is that? because we had so much to do then suddenly this creature comes get in the way. But, If we think carefully, what are the creature here for? Maybe some will said, “its all because the teachers, ya noe...teachers..they loved to create mess in our life so that we wont live happily..and if you don’t finish your homework they ‘ll punish you.”

Are they true? Its up to you but if you ask me..ermm..i think the teachers are not actually that bad, they just don’t want us to spend the whole time playing and forgot the things we learnt in the creature called “homework” is here for us for some good reasons..

Homework------->to make sure we don’t forgot what we learnt in the passed days..(main MISSION)

BUT the problem is we didn’t finish them and tend to COPY others homework so we are not punished by  the teachers..
So homework is finished but the MAIN MISSION of this creature are not fulfilled as when we are copying, I DONT THINK ANY PERSON WILL ABSORB OR LEARN ANYTHING FROM IT because the only things in their mind on that particular moments are,”i just gotto finish it or else....”.

Homework----->when you didn’t do them-----> mission of this creature failed
Homework----->when u finished them by copying----->mission of this creature still failed

So the question here is, either you did or you didn’t do this creature, the mission will remain fail. So why the teacher keep on giving us this creature if they knew the creature always turn up fail? Did they notice about this thing? Or they still hoping that there are still some of us who did the homework without copying?
One thing for sure, MAJORITY of us copy our homework. I could tell.

Are homework relevant for us?
You’ll think yourself.

By a boy who learn the real meaning of life,

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