its been a while now..

Posted by leon7zack On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2 comments
hey guys..
its been a while now..dah lama aku tak memblogging..
many things happened lately..
my tour, exam, works, friends, juniors and a lot more..
now the world is talking bout tsunami in japan..
whenever they said about japan..
the first thing that come to my mind was..
my foster family in iwate prefecture..

i heard the tsunami hits iwate prefecture so bad..
luckily my foster family were safe as they lived very far from the sea..
just not in the mood of wrtting..

2 comments to its been a while now..

  1. says:

    lipan lapa bro hows life there?

  1. says:

    leon7zack life kt sana??
    lolz..boleh la..
    mcm2 bnde boleh blaja kt sane nie..
    100% budaya dieorg x same ngan kita..

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